question about duped items


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Nov 19, 2006
question about duped items

not sure its the right place to ask it, but ill ask it here anyway.

i wanna know if there is some way to check if my item is duped (soj).
because it effects the price... and im 75% sure its a legit one, but i have to check this before to be 100% sure(i prefer losing the soj and know its duped over staying with it and still think its a legit soj).

i heard that if i join game with a duped hr, and another person has same hr(duped) after a logout and then login again the hr will poof or something.
if this is true, does it works with a soj too?

There's no way to tell if an item is duped or not. Well, you can tell the item is a duped if it poofs on you, but if that happens, that's the last thing you're worried about.
If it's like you said... joining a game with the duplicate item... then the time for it to poof would vary, depending on how many games you join.

If you mule the item off, and you never make a game with that character ever again... then who knows.. the item might be there for years. But how would you know? ; )
Only way to tell is to find it yourself.
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