Question about Dreamadin

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Nov 10, 2009
Question about Dreamadin

Hi all,

I've played D2 off and on since its release but have never actually been on ladder until about 2 weeks ago. I was interested in making a dreamadin but had a few questions.

First, what's the ideal weapon for a Dreamadin? I've heard some conflicting opinions but in my view it seems Grief would be the way to go. Am I way off here? Second, body armor! I'm going to be using zeal (physical damage) as my backup and was curious if Fortitude would be the best bet to boost that? And lastly, if I wanted to solo uber trist (1 pt smiter!) would I be able to without much gear adjustment? :scratchchin:

Thanks for all your input!
Re: Question about Dreamadin

cresnat moon is perfict weapon
why would you need back up skill when your conviction shall neglect all resistance?
coh because of high res, but enigma with wizzi and spirit switch for 75% fcr is nice as well.
and i am not sure how valuable it would be to transform dreamer into 1pt smiter, imho make another char for ubers.
Re: Question about Dreamadin

Thank you for the reply! I'll certainly take your advice and build a second char for ubers. I overlooked Crescent Moon completely before, what a bargain for the price!
Re: Question about Dreamadin

Depending on what you have access to, I prefer dragon, dream, hoj combo over dream alone..Auradin is what most people call it. Imho, its faster and unless you run in to hard lightning, fire, and phys immune, which dont exsist btw, you will be fine.

As always though the key is having fun..good luck..and I have done Tristram with this char using zeal lol.
Re: Question about Dreamadin

Crescent moon is ok, but doom is good too.

Non-immunes will probably have close to -100% resist anyway, so crescent moon won't help much there. It's mostly for lightning immunes.

However, doom has two advantages:
1. More physical damage = more leech
2. Slows enemies too

it takes 20 extra skillpoints though (if you want to use it to full effect, which you should)

It would be better just to make a new char for uber trist, yes.
Re: Question about Dreamadin

Thanks for all the input guys!

The Auradin concept intrigues me, I may give that a shot.

For a Doom build, what would you use for a body armor? CoH? Fort?
Re: Question about Dreamadin

Depends on your ias needs. Treachery could be a big relief on your breakpoints, and it gives you res in the form of fade.

Otherwise both coh and fort would be good. Depends on your resists otherwise.
Re: Question about Dreamadin

Try a Last Wish Phase Blade for the weapon. It has everything you need...CB, resists, life tap, charged bolts...etc
Re: Question about Dreamadin

and while on weapon topic, try to get 6 sox cs with shael's in it, to do CS safely ( more or less )
Re: Question about Dreamadin

I appreciate all the input. Looks like my original confusion was appropriate -- there seems to be a lot of viable weapon/armor choices! LW seems like an absolutely sick weapon, but I also like the idea of dual auras (either with Dragon/HoJ as Goatscelot suggested or Doom with resist cold synergy as lumpor did)! I guess i'll just make one and see if I like it and if not, start a different kind! Thanks everyone.
Re: Question about Dreamadin

Essentially Last wish would cover nearly all ur needs for uberring. you just need to make sure u have the appropriate base resists. every other equip switch would be an improvement for ubers. For everythin else other than ubers i'd recommend usin Doom zerker. i personally have tried dual dream hoj dragon armor, and to be very frank... your dmg from fire aura is nearly negligible compared to what u get from the dual dreams + having to use dragon armor negates teleport from a possible enigma chest piece. After playin toons with enigma, i can safely say its a realllllllllllllllllll painnnnnnnnnnnnn gettin around without it:) just my 2 cents
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