question about auras


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Dec 1, 2009
question about auras

my mercenary(defiance) have 21 thorns and 15 conviction i get the same levels of them when im near him.or a little less ? should i be the one whos carrying that item to get to full advantage of it
Re: question about auras

The 2 auras are different with regards to what they affect.

The thorns aura is an aura that's 'on' you, your merc, summons and/or party. So yes, if you're within the auras range of your mercenary you'll have the thorns aura 'on' you and return physical melee damage done to you.

The conviction is different, it does not affect you. It affects monsters and other players (if they're hostile) around you - or in this case, around your merc. You'll still benefit from the monsters lower resistances and defense.

Btw. - Level 15 conviction? Are you sure it's not level 12?
Re: question about auras

my mercenary(defiance) have 21 thorns and 15 conviction auras...
Erm... How does a merc get a slvl 15 conviction aura (ninja'd by Nubikoen on that question)? And unless he's wearing Bramble, how does a Defiance merc get Thorns?

Nubikoen's spot on, though I'm not sure if that's what you meant. If you're near or far away from your merc, the level of the aura doesn't change.

Re: question about auras

yes i was wrong.its level 12.....weapon infinity....too hard to get a 6 socketed polearm.i warn you .lol.
and thanks for the answer.really helped
Re: question about auras

What kind of build are you doing? Bramble isn't a common merc armor.

Common being a relative term of course.

It's not a common armor on it's own, and even less so on a merc.
Re: question about auras

i have a paladin.80 zealer...i need thorns and defiance.thats why i gave it to him
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