Question about a Cold Strafer


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Nov 17, 2003
Question about a Cold Strafer

My plan is to freez them and then strafe till they crack like icechips. So, do I want to MAX all 3 of the cold skills for Synergies or just Cold and Freez?
we can't know what you want, though I'd not max al three. One of them, I think ice arrow only give 5% bonus to freezing time. In hell, that's only half a secon longer. If you add three small cold charms, you are doing better.
And it shouldn't lengthen the freezing time of those small charms.

P.S. won't multishot work better with that. You get more hits in per second, the extra IAS needed to get to a fast breakpoint won't be wasted as your freezing arrow will benefith from it too.
we can't know what you want

Yea, that's whay I'm asking. I think this build is called FrostMAden or something.
So, do I want to max all 3 cold skills in this build? Also, with this type of build is Multi a better option over Straf?

No you only want to max the skill lvl 6 and 30 cold arrow skills. The lvl 12 chilling arrow or something like that is completely useless. Also all this is in the thread I posted to you earlier :rolleyes:

About the multishot vs. strafe thing, yes It's completely viable that way too, but with frostmaidens the strafe is more like backup attack agains CI's, and thus, I think it's faster to take out a small pack of CI's with strafe than multishot. But that's only my opinion.

And also rev, with freezing arrow you might notice when entering hell that it becomes your main attack and you use it all the time, espescially when you don't have ~350 dex, but you can still fire strafe while monsters are frozen and it looks cool too :laugh:
As for Strafe vs Multi: BOTH!

A Frostmaiden tries to load up on +skills and +bow skills (on top of IAS and all that), so with a minimal investment (1 point even) in both of them, you can use each effectively throughout the game. Each has it's uses in different occasions, I'm sure you've used both of them and seen for yourself.

Freezing Arrow is powerful enough to be a main killing skill, especially when coupled with Pierce (and Razortail belt).

You can even have enough skill points left over to max Strafe, if you wished. That way you can have both a strong Cold damage attack, and a good Physical damage attack too.

And yes, Ice Arrow, the level 18 skill, isn't worth more than 1 point as a prerequisite. You can use it between levels 18-30 for taking things down, but after level 30 you wont look back.
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