Quest: Cube Grail, v1


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Apr 18, 2020
@Peytron , I also only have one SoJ so far. I'm delaying the pain... :eek:

His hellforge runes were eth, lum, and fal.
During the recent MFO, Uncia went from level 81 to level 83 in Mausoleum runs, and was level 85 after he defeated Baal and put down a few cows. I went through all of the exceptional rare items I had collected and GoMuled, and used the upgrade recipes on what I thought were the best weapon and armor:
F1leetrarew.png F1leetrarewR.png
The combination of high enhanced damage and chance to curse were the two things that made me decide to upgrade it. I had hoped to upgrade an etheral dimensional sword instead, but I never found one with any decent mods on it.
F2leetrarea.png F2leetrareaR.png
I had collected a few exceptional class specific armors: pelts, primal helms, auric shields, and shrunken heads. For some reason, I didn't feel like upgrading any of them. This mediocre armor seemed to be the one that I might actually use after upgrading it, probably on a mercenary with some topazes, so I did.
So that's six heroes brought to matriarch/patriarch during this little quest. I had also started another sorceress to use in the MFO, but I'm going to leave her parked a little bit longer. There's something about completing a "sept" that I'm sure many of you here understand, so to that end, I think I will continue this project with a berzerker.
This name is an old middle-eastern monetary unit. I had also named the paladin after an obscure historical unit of currency, so when Qursh came up in the output of my random 5-letter dictionary word searcher, it seemed appropriate.
Progress: 109 recipes completed. The remaining eight:

upgrade: add socket to rare (rare + SoJ + 3 x perfect skull)
upgrade: rerolled higher rare (rare + SoJ + perfect skull)
rune: Lo (2 x Ohm + diamond)
rune: Sur (2 x Lo + flawless topaz)
rune: Ber (2 x Sur + flawless amethyst)
rune: Jah (2 x Ber + flawless sapphire)
rune: Cham (2 x Jah + flawless ruby)
rune: Zod (2 x Cham + flawless emerald)