PvP Thrower


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Dec 24, 2003
PvP Thrower

Are these even viable? I have not seen one in a looong time :scratchchin:

Granted it is a very unusual character, but there used to be a couple of them roaming around on west, but I've forgotten there names. Anyone have one? Been thinking about making one and I'd love some advice (and stories too!).

- Fire
Re: PvP Thrower

I'm currently playing around with a hucker. More luck as a bvc tho...palys and barbs i usually lose.
I'm concentrating on high FRW because I use fort over enigma. With a build like this you want to be ahead of the game.
On switch I use 1x echoeing spear and ber ss. yes my shouts are lower but block and dr help. Kinda play mine like a bowzon.
Charms i use an assortment of frw/ar, frw/res and life sc's to fill some holes.
I recommend eth warshrikes and eth lacerator...But i've heard that godly replenish javs work better..can't find or afford though haha.
Haven't had crazy amounts of success but it's a fun build. It kills surprisingly quickly.
But if there is one thing..these forums are filled with unorthodox builds so the pvp thrower isn't just a dream.
Re: PvP Thrower

Oh and i'm also thinking of a somewhat hybrid build with grief/ss switch. Not sure what attack would compliment best tho.
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People don't really use throwers because the unique Javs are awful and you can't make rune words. So you have to find TWO unbelievable rares to be competitive. Still wicked fun though. Don't use axes/daggers because their WW range is awful, whiles Javs get the full three.

Basically your Javs need:
High ED%

That is the bare minimum for mods. Anything less is jank and you just won't do damage

Also make sure to get knock back on your equipment somewhere, as well as a fair amount of open wounds.

I would use enigma. If you do, try to avoid insane amounts of FRW as it makes your WW worse.

My old stat layout:

1 Bash
20 Double Swing
1 Double Throw (main skill)
1+ Leap
1 Leap attack
1 Stun
1 Concentrate
20 Whirlwind

Whirlwind is such a utility skill you want at least one point. You also have range 3 weapons, so you might want it to do more damage. Your call. I would max it.

Use leap liberally. I forget what level you want it to end up on to get full screen knock back. I think its level 12? So you want leap to be level 12 (or whatever) after all +skill level equipment.

1-20 Throw mastery (only boosts your throws)
1-20 Spear mastery (only boosts melee)
1 Iron Skin
1 Natural Resist

Basically for masteries you have to decide if you want more damage throwing or spinning and max the right skill, and put whatever is left in the other.

1 Howl
1 Shout
20 Battle Orders
1 Battle Command

You can alternatively max shout and put one point in WW. But don't.

Hope this helped.
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Re: PvP Thrower

WW would not be a good choice for this build. And putting into 2 weap masteries is a huge waste and will severely down ur survival. And why would you master double swing and not double throw? Double throw is your main skill. Yes daggers and axes would be terrible for ww..but this is a thrower and the mods on warshrikes and lacerators can't be over looked. If you want ww...make a ww barb. 2 completely seperate play styles.
Enigma would be a good choice but i wouldn't stat around it. You will use other armours.
My set up is
20 double throw
20 double swing
20 throw mastery
1 leap
20 BO
1 increased speed
1 natural res
1 iron skin
And rest into shout after pre reqs
Re: PvP Thrower

Whirlwind is too good to not use. You can whirl out of stuns from trapsins and catch people trying to telestomp you.

You max double swing for the damage synergy. Extra points in double throw does nothing.

Running around with fort on (without a shield!) and you won't last too long.

A thrower is a lot like a caster. Whirlwind is great plan B for when people get too close. You're not wasting any points with masteries. How else would you spend them?

Again my opinion.
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Interesting point. But why would you sacrifice survivalbility for ww. Ya sure you can whirl out of stunlocks but it doesn't matter, they will still rip you down because you're giving up to much damage. Please keep in mind that this is not to bash or insult, purely educational for me the input is great. I would rather max double swing especially for enigma users because the extra damage would help.
And with some fcr gear and hittin a decent fhr bp...together they should be more than enough to keep you from stunlockers and tele stompers. But that again takes some planning and gear changes.
Re: PvP Thrower

Interesting point. But why would you sacrifice survivalbility for ww.
WW increases your chances to survive, for all of the reasons I outlined.

Ya sure you can whirl out of stunlocks but it doesn't matter, they will still rip you down because you're giving up to much damage.
How is using WW giving up damage?

You just seem like you have no idea about what you are talking about and it is frustrating.

You NEED whirlwind for anyone who tries to telesmite or whatever. Flexibility is what makes a thrower viable.

Re: PvP Thrower

the only way your going to have any succes you WILL need ww, and the aformentioned jav's with 10points in spear and 10npoints in through mastery.
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i've been messing around with variations of the thrower, and i've found that points into warcry for the swirly is extremely useful. it lets you CL casters and double throw them down.
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warcry is a sweet skill to combo with ww bc it does the same affect as smite and mindblast, those little swhirlies over their had. this makes it easier to put ppl in a fhr lock, this is who 105bp is better than 200, 200 skips frames and its easier to run away from, while 105 isnt bugged and no ghoast casting.
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