PvP summon druid


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May 11, 2006
PvP summon druid

Has anyone tried this? Is this viable, perhaps teleing on top of players to get a suprise grizly attack in? Grizly can do some serious damage so it would seem viable especially against sorceresses or players with relatively low block.
For higher block characters i was thinking of using dire wolves since they have 3 attacks instead of one, and are more likely to get a hit in, and they still do decent damage.
Druid summons have an advantage over necro summons because they can be resummoned, and they have better attack rating and damage.
Perhaps after teleing in you'd switch to bear form for more life and potential shockwave disruption? Your thoughts?
In fact, yes it can do quite well. The bear is estimated to attack within 4 frames of landing iirc, and minions don't suffer the same pvp penalty as regular attacks, so the damage he does is more than a character hitting for the same.

i suggest putting a point to both werebear and shockwave for beating some people, and maybe synergize fissure for another attack.
To be more exact. PvP penalty for a character is 1/7. PvP penalty for a summon is 1/2. So your 9k dmg Bear should be killing almost anyone in one hit since it's 4.5k dmg :). I've seen a PvP summoner done and it's pretty funny when he got one shot kills on BvC's :eek:
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