PvP Question - Attacker Takes Damage


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Aug 5, 2003
PvP Question - Attacker Takes Damage

Question, is the Attacker Takes Damage mod affected by the PvP penalty as well ?

And, if so, would attacker takes 1 dmg still count as 1 due to rounding issues ?

This might be an interesting angle on low level duels... (or, if it works without the PvP penalty, higher level ones...)
I would assume damage would be dropped if it is down to anything less than 1, merely because of my programmer background. No definite answer from me tho.
Not sure - noticed this in an Ironman duel...

I was taking damage from such a thing, but don't know what the exact mods on it where. I doubt it was high enough to really be rounded up.
Well, I had a thorns pala in 1.09.
He used something like: 4 Pskull shield, 3 Pruby helm and 4 Amn armour.

He died to a charger. The charger did take some dmg, but obviously not enough!
Thorns/IM are both hit by the PvP penalty (and then some actually, but that's beside the point) so there's no reason to assume that static amounts of attacker takes damage wouldn't be.
If you want to be 100% sure though, it seems like it'd be an easy thing to test.
Seems like an amusing thingy though...

Get a belt w/ attacker takes damage... get it on some boots as well - perhaps use a 3 sock shield w/ skulls (though I'd think that max dmg jools would help a lot more)...

Oh well... Someone would probably have used it way before me if it really worked too well :)
not 100% sure about im but thorns is now like 1/1000 pvp dmg. I've tested this out, but in .09 thorns was 1/10 pvp, which was quite devastating in the right hands. Not sure about dmg returned as a mod on a belt or w/e, probably follows 1/6th pvp penalty (which isn't a lot).
I'm pretty sure thorns is still 1/10.
It's just that with the 1/6 penalty now it looks like:
12k dmg
==> 2k hit
==> 200 returned
==> like 30 damage actually done.

Ok, lets put that aside for a minute and answer a related question to return dmg. Can the return dammage on an attack exceed that of the life of the victim?

More clearly If i hit a pally with thorns, and say for arguments sake i hit 100k dmg (example). The pally only has say 50 life (example), would the my dmg be considered 50 as I kill or still be 100k. Therefore would I be returned with dmg of at most 100% of my victims life or still a variable depending on my dmg?

tough question, any opinions appreciated.
Well my guess is that only victims amount of life matters. I base this on the fact that my merc survives IM in normal, although not for long. But perishes instantly in nm/hell. Of course that can depend on the fact that im returns less % on normal. But seems unlikely that it'd be that kind of difference. Just my 2 cents.

hard to base it on a merc perspective...if anyone has any pvp experience with this issue.

Kime, how did your 09 pally die? that might help me answer my question. I'm assuming you didnt kill whatever killed you, you probably went and fought a sorc or something ;)
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