pvp fireclaw hlp plz


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Jul 10, 2009
pvp fireclaw hlp plz

ok i have dueled and played the game for a long time now and i kinda wanted to try something new. i want to make a fire claw werebear druid for pvp and i need to know what gear i should use and exactly what skill points to use cause when i look at the skill points on other guides i see they do them differently and that there is not a set way. if anyone can help me it be cool thanks.:thumbup:
Re: pvp fireclaw hlp plz

I made a fireclaw druid 2 days ago, having a blast with it. With enough faster run/walk you can catch teleporters while dodging their projectiles. Only having problem with sorbers, smiters, farcasting javazons and shield barbs. Open wound (I use cerebus, which also boost AR) helps a lot vs defensive chars.
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