PvP Bowzon Help


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Jun 29, 2004
PvP Bowzon Help

Is this the way to go.
Guided Arrow

4soc 15ias/40ed Jewels
Andys Mask (40ed/5fhr)
Windforce (shaeled)
bloodfist (Or) Crafted IAS, LL, Knockback gloves
Angelics Jewelry
Nosferatu's Coil
Highlord's Wrath

This would Give 150% IAS, 390%ed (with guided arrow) = 3.1 attacks per second, And i'f my calculations are right 2133dmg.

Stack up on Passive and Magic GC, The more D/A/E really gives you a great chance against hammerdins, FOHdins, Bonmancers, Any Sorc. And with Knockback really tanks those melee characters.

Does this sound good at all? or is there a better setup.
Well you might want to look into those pvp-bowazon threads all over the place here. Most suggest a few points in MS and CS. I wonder why you wouldn't use them.
I can't see how multishot would help also. But Critical Strike looks like it has its use to. But Max it after A/D/E and GA is maxed. I plan to stack mostly passive and magic gcs. Seeing as there cheap. And maybe a couple bow gc.
i wouldnt suggest getting all 3 of D/A/E maxed. D/E really dont get far, i don think they get into the 60s unless you really stack up on passives. Avoid i would suggest maxing and with passives you should get it to 70 which is pretty decent. Critical Strike should also be maxed. I have mine at 71 and soon it should go up once i get more passives items. Also multi is very usefull, it acts kind of like Teeth acts vs sorcs or any other tele'r. Guided arrows can be easily outrun but if multi is spread out alot it will do damage and i have killed many with it.

Just to give you an idea of my skills @ lvl 88
Left # is raw skills point and the ( ) number is with skills
GA - 20(21)
D - 12 (16)
A - 20(24)
E - 14(18) (trying to get this up because it comes useful when running)
Multi - 9 (10)
Pierce - 1 (5) (used for pvp purposes)
CS - 20 (24)
Jab - 1 usefull if your getting atked by melee considering you have titans on switch.

In the end i have around 400ish - 4.5 dmg and that isnt even using ed/ias armor and helm. I went the cheap version and just used mavs helm and 60 ias archon lol. Hopefully some day i can afford a good 15x/60ias armor of the whale. Ofcourse i have many max/ar charms and pretty much no life at all. i think i am looking at around 500 life but i have 500.

Also i really dont think angelics are for a bowa. Melee tends to be more dependent of those. I use a +19 and +20 ravens and cats eye and i find it more efficient.

Hope my input helps
here is a reply to someone by Luis19 and its good advice, take it:

Helm:You must use either:x/15ias shako120-45 (bone visage preferably since it looks cool)I would go with 120-45, and then have a plain 15ias shako in stash. If you refuse to use 120-45, then go with a 40/15 shako.
Rings:1-2 ravensoptional +dex, +strength, resist ringammy:catseye & highlords (highlords is more useful vs barbs/necros/windys and cats is more useful vs sorc's)
Boots/Gloves:the two pairs of gloves you need are:20ias with KB (optional stats: +2 passive, +stats, +resist)Gores (useful all around for ow and cb-even if nerfed it does alot vs a high life build like a barb) These paired with some dracs is good vs ES sorc's for some nasty OW and even vs Ele druids since you will be running and shooting the entire time.Also keep either some treks or a rare 30rw 20fhr +stats/resist boot in stash.
Bow:You really have to have a wf to compete in pvp nowdays, even if you hate it, keep one in your stash vs a high life build (barb/windy) and some necros. Get 08 if you can, sick dex.For 7 frame GA, the best would be a Mat of quickness/butch/evis, but if you can't afford/get a hold of any of those, an HoJ will do fine. Besides that, it looks cool, is good for leveling, and that Holy Fire may even get you a kill, if you're lucky.
Switch:titans/ss AND cta (1+shield optional but not needed since maxblock/dr on switch is better and saves space)
Stats:Ok, I've tried a vita, dex, and vita/dex build and the vita/dex build wins hands down.I suggest getting just enough strength to use wf with anni (so you throw arrows). Dex builds have little life, vita builds have low damage, but a mix of both has sexy results:My build was: 2.6k life, 5.5-5.8 max dmg (cta)I've seen other builds get like:(dex build) 1.6k life, 6.5k max damage (cta)(vita build) 3.5k life, 4k max damage (cta)1.6k life means your dead pretty fast vs any decent physical damage build, and the vita build does too little damage. I could go into detail of why that is, but the vita/dex build is just so much better, who doesn't like to survive a ww or two?For your stat placement, try to get to near my stats, otherwise try to get around 120ish vita, 300 dex. Tweak it depending on your endgame gear.It really depends on your charms.
Charms:I reccomend getting around 40 r/w from charms, the best being 3/5rw/20s, next 100/5's (if you don't mind psn).1 anniThe rest should be 32020's (or 20 life scs) with maybe a few fhr scs if you want.Resist don't really matter for a zon since its pretty hard for a sorc to get near a good zon, meaning they have to aim from far, meaning you can move out the way easily. Most have around 2k life and 2k energy, which isn't hard for a 5k GA at 8 frames with kb/ow/cb to rip through. Multi will keep sorc's from spamming from far by forcing them to tele.Besides sorcs (most are pretty easy for a zon and you'll still beat a good one consistantly), FoH is your only other elemental threat (as in possibility to kill you) and they aren't that hard since you have evade/avoid and it will usually take 2 to kill you if your a vita/dex build. Arrows also puts em into block animation, kb/ and fhr.Biggest threat: WW barb and a wwsin or kicker that uses traps/mb effectively. Both builds are nearly impossible to beat.Other threats: Melee pallys that realize they have charge AND smite, or ones that use massive desync. However you can kill most of these with Lightingbolt+KB. Also good windys can be a problem, but I usually went 50/50 with really good ones.Other than those, if you reach similar stats to mine, only bm will get you such as a bm necro that uses depry+mass bonewall/prision.People always say that necros easily kill zons, but I found them pretty easy with my old zon. It takes 3 hits to kill it, if they can get through the 68% dodge, while i fire 7/8 frame GA with kb/ow/cb. Do the math, most have 1.5k life, those go down easy, better ones with 3k+ life are much harder but still you will win. You do about the same damage (unless they us ss, but that usually means no max block, or lower life, or low enough damage to let you take another hit) but much faster, you shoot a projectile thats is fast AND homing with a raduis attack (multi).IMO, a good bowazon is a necro killer.ALSO PUT 1 POINT INTO LIGHTING BOLT!IT IS SO UNDERESTIMATED THAT IT IS RIDICULOUS.A total of 3 points gives you:Jab: fast attack useful vs bowazons, and gives you the option to "melee" for fun, you'd be suprised at how many barbs/pallys you can beat.Lightingbolt: 2-3k max lighting damage, unblockable, fast. Paired with LB it is dangerous. People will end up thinking your a hybrid, which is a good thing. Makes people change gear making your arrows better, and gives you the element of suprise.

d/a/e I suggest getting to at least:55/65/40More is better.8 frames with wf will be the best choice in most situations except the ones I listed eariler.A cruel will still work on most builds, just takes longer. But vs say a barb, its basically bending over. You must use a wf vs a barb to have any chance at all.

Major Points are:
-Max GA, good investment into multi, 1 point Jab and LB, massive passives (d/a/e/critical)
-SS/titans and a cta are necessary, no +1 shield because block/dr is better on switch than a little bit more life/duration
-wf>all but a godly rare. 7 frame bows are only necessary vs say a javazon to keep em from getting close. It can also blocklock/fhr people, apply cb/ow/kb more.
-IAS/ED set up is probably the best, I listed more options like a 15ias shako above.
-120-45 + 160-60 + wf + cats/highlords + verdungos + ravens/stat,resist ring + gores + dracs is the best overall gear IMO-- fast, powerful with good OW and some cb. Add ss with titans or cta and you're a tank.

Any more questions? Just ask.
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