Pvp And Pvm


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Dec 8, 2006
Pvp And Pvm

whats the difference , sorry i just started up d2 and im thinking of making a zon but my friends asked if i wanted pvp or pvm and i dont know the difference. and if i can get some tips on items that would be greatly appreciated.:laugh:
PVP: dueling, so battling other people like you and me. Wouldn't go that way of you just start, you need some good equipment of you want to keep living.

PVM: fighting the other monsters. Just like the single player but other can join in. If you are going to play alone, I'd start with a lightning-fury-zon. Doesn't need much equipment and can be quite good.
If you are playing with you friends, then let us know what they play, perhaps this can point out the best characterbuild.

P.S. lighting-fury-zon: max out lighting fury, charged strike and last lightning strike. Get razortails (belt) and a total of +9 in peirce. (So put like 5 in pierce and hope to find +4 skills.) Get a valk if you want and try to get you hands on a titans revenge (unique javelin).
And if you have time, read one of the guides for more information, but that could do it.
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