PVM Zealot Questions


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May 3, 2004
PVM Zealot Questions

Well I'm making a zealot/1pt smiter for the time I might stumble upon Diablo Clone or might wanna go Ubering. And I got most things covered, but I have a few questions.

Is a torch a good thing on a zealot? I've 'heard rumours' about zons having problems with them (triggering firestorm all the time) and since zealot hits extremely fast too, I'm wondering.

Another thing I wonder, how important is AR on a zealot? Fana helps I guess but when I would have some other aura on I wouldn't have that help.
Edit: O yeah, on that note the ignore enemy defense on the Grief runeword, does that help any with chance to hit etc?

Thanks for the answers in advance!
Re: PVM Zealot Questions

Torch sometimes do drop UT games (about 1 game on 10 for me), so it's a good idea to perm those before going in. Generally speaking, it's much less of a issue than torch for zons.

Don't worry about AR pvm-wise on a zealot using Grief. ITD makes you almost always hit vs normal monsters (depending on your lvl and monster's lvl), and on superuniques/bosses you shall use Smite, which is auto-hitting.
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