PvM StormShock Build: yayy


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Dec 14, 2005
PvM StormShock Build: yayy


This is sort of an accumulation of several ideas I've put together over the last couple weeks (ok, days :). My first plan was to think of a build that'd be fun and original, yet... doesn't completely suck lol. Then came the hardest part... thinking up a cool name for the build. After several sleepless days of pondering away into the night, a new breed of Bear was born: The StormShocker Bear.....ok, the name sorta sux but I tried :[.

The build consists of 2 main concepts:
1) Shockwave
2) high lvl Hurricane
(before we get any further.... YES, I realize you'd have to unshape every 50secs. to reapply hurricane lol. But that's 3 xtra keys to click...3, in the grand scheme of things! think of it as just having a crappy cta :)

Shockwave is an amazing spell--at high lvls you can stun for up to 30 seconds!! 30 seconds!!!! That's about enough time for you to stun some minions, go to the bathroom, pour a shot, and come back in time to stun them again lol. However, I wanted to utilize Hurricane so that you'd be able to inflict damage WHILE you completely control the board :). Throw in a Grizzly and some ravens and you have ULTIMATE CONTROL. Muahahahha
Although the damage for this build is underpowered, to say the least, I believe that its speed and control would overcompensate for its low damage.

Skillz Placement (someone told me not to say "skillz", so sry ^^)

This is the general layout I sorta had in mind. By having massive synergies in Wind, the build DOES allow you to have WINDY capabilities. I just wanna say, the idea was mainly revolved around Shockwave and Hurricane, but I s'pose if you DID want to cheat the build should give a hefty 3.8-4k tornado (~lvl 36-38) that'd be helpful vs bosses and such. Tell me what you think:

@lvl 90 = 102 skill points

20 cyclone
10 twister
20 tornado
20 Hurricane

1 lycanthropy, werebear, maul
20 Shockwave

1 oak
1 grizzly
1 carrion vine

As you can see, the build is very elemental demanding but it actually works out, because due to the huge amount of +skills going into shape, you'll still end up with a wopping lvl 30 lycanthropy without the use of points.
Also, to me, health isn't quite as big of a deal because of 2 things:
1) having shockwave and Hurricane will really prevent you from taking much damage neways
2) I highly suggest using carrion vine, I think it is a very underated spell :)
I used it on my Hunger Bear and we quickly became best friends :laugh: At lvl 14+ (yours will hopefully be around lvl 18) you get 10% life per corpse... that's huge. Therefore, if you have 10k life, your averaging 1k per corpse. Yikes. The great thing about it too is you can go about your business and it'll just do the work for you....(ok, I was tempted to make a pun about my girlfriend but I wont, sry jk jk)
Anyways, that's the general layout of how I pictured it, if you have any other ideas that'd help plz let me know :)


I don't wanna dive into this too much, but I personally don't think it's too equipment demanding mainly just because the gear consists of pretty much the "standard caster" shizzle, so no surprises here.
If you haven't heard of pretty much all of this gear by now then.... well, welcome to the Forum, I'm Jary ><

Jalals Mane: Best overall stats for this build; it gives the resists, MUCH needed fhr, and great stats.

Nightwing: great skills and cold damage for hurricane. I'd only recommend if you've fullfilled most of the breakpoints and have a descent amount of resists. Although you'll have a verry nice cyclone, I still prefer max resists but that's just me.

Druid Deli: I've seen some players with nice +2/+3hurricane delirium pelts that are pretty sweet. These would also be a nice alternative. Only problem I have is that you'd lose out maybe on resists and fhr? If that's not the case then... well, I'm jealous... ya jerk. :) jk

Enigma: hands down the only REAL option here. Most people have it by now anyways--if you dont and are on NL East I'll give you one of mine, 'cause that's not right...every account should come with an enigma archon lol. ><

Hoto/Spirit: Overall the best combo here for skills and resists. Don't worry if your spirit is like 25% fcr, you're gonna reach 99% breakpoint no matter so no worries

Switch: 2 Options
Call to arms: provide extra life and mana for teleporting, its always good:wink3:
Ribcracker 'shael': Against some verrry tough minions u may not always want to switch to nados to finish them off, so having a good 50% cb around on switch isn't a bad thing especially when you have high lvl stun.

Arachnid: best option here, fcr and skills are much needed

Trangouls: 20% fcr, 30% cold... best overall for stats.
Bloodfists: if you have 10% fcr rings and have a way of reaching the 99% breakpoint without needing trangs, these glove are deffinitely your best friend.
Sandstorm Treks: although I'm not the biggest fan, you'll prolly need the fhr and strength.
Aldurs: 40% frw, +50 life, +50% fire... what more could u ask for?

Maras: I'm not a huge fan usually, but its pretty much perfect for this build.
+3Shape/life: Great life bonuses... gives you a higher shockwave too = bragging rights ><. Everyone at some point in their life has wanted to say "eat lvl 50 shockwave!"...I know you have :)
any combination: Soj, BK wedding band, 10%fcr/modded rings.

With the final stats, your looking at around:
lvl 49-50 Shockwave = 309-319 damage @ 31 second stun!
lvl 36-38 Hurricane = 1.6-2k cold damage
lvl 18 carrion vine = heals 10%
lvl 18 Oak & Grilzzly = ~4,000 life*(1.15)+4k = 8600 life on Grizzly :)

Stat Layout
I'ma make this very simple.... milk it till your 75, and go all vitality. If you have to add a lil' strength do so, but...if you have to add a lot you should prolly feel a lil' guilty : / jk. Personally with the use of Spirit, I dont see the use of going for block... but I guess I'll leave it up to you :grin:

Well, that's basically it so far... maybe we can discuss Ubering with the storm shock bear later? ... lol, ok maybe not. Let me know what you think :)
(oh yeah, <cough> ... and can the first post be a good one plzz... maybe just go "sounds like a great idea" then follow it with the next post that's like "jk, it sucks" ... so at least then I can say it started out good ><)
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