PvM Druid Tank (WB)


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Dec 1, 2004
PvM Druid Tank (WB)

I'm playing for FUN with friends, doesn't have to be some awesome character just don't want to get screwed over later on

just wondering what i should shoot for in these areas:

Strength: not sure
Dexterity: not sure
Vitality: everything else
Energy: base

i've read diff builds and they all are different, some say base dex and put all into str and vit, some say enough str for equip only, rest dex/vit, etc etc

what should i shoot for in those areas? I plan on using the best 2H maul i can find/buy for him

i'm doing no elemental

Planning on running:

20 lycan
20 WB
20 Maul
20 Oak Sage or Heart of Wolverine

not sure which of those to do as well, any help/suggestions/comments greatly appreciated

oh and any advice on equip is also good
Hi vierzig-vier!
Welcome to the Druid Forum!

I'm not a WB expert so I dare not offer much advice.

I do know most WBs have a few points into Shockwave to really soften up the monsters. If you're playing with friends, Shockwave will be very nice to help stun the monsters.

Also, keep your eye out for the Angelic Set items, especially the rings/amulet. Grab two of the rings and an amulet to help with the lack of AR, a common problem with WBs. Ravenfrosts are nice for the AR too.

That's the best I can do, sorry.

I'm sure some more knowledgable WBs will come round to help u out!

Till then, don't be afraid to ask more questions!
Welcome to the druid forum! :howdy:
Read the stickies and enjoy your stay.

Now since you have decided to use two handed weapons and specifically mauls, you should aim for 225 strenght with gear. This lets you use everything but thunder mauls, which are slow anyway, including immortal king's stone crusher ogre maul. Mauls have no dexterity requirements so if you can get hold of the angelic pieces Unchosen mentioned you have no need for dexterity.
You have to remember though that many polearms require dexterity and if you don't put any in it you won't be able to equip a tomb reaver or reaper's toll without sacrifices in your gear(dual ravenfrosts and IK belt for example).

For gear here are a few suggestions:
Helm: Jalal's mane, Tal rasha's horadric crest
Armor: Stone runeword, Shaftstop, Jewellers of the whale socketed with perfect rubies
Gloves: Bloodfists, Lava gout
Boots: Goreriders, IK boots, Aldurs advance
Belt: Thundergod's vigor, Immortal king's detail, Bladebuckle
Amulet: Angelic wings, Highlord's wrath
Rings: Dual angelic halos, Dual ravenfrosts

Have fun with your bear! :thumbsup:
so if i use the IK Maul which i hear is a very good maul, i won't have to put anything into dexterity? basically i can leave it at base?

so it would look like this:

Strength: 225
Dexterity: Base
Vitality: All the rest
Energy: Base

that wouldn't hurt me in the long run or anything?

once again thanks for the help
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