problems with europe realm?


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Dec 16, 2005
problems with europe realm?

hi all,

just recently( the last few days)my friends and me have noticed that the europe realm is getting worse with regards lag, interrupted connections and failed to join game message. We dont cheat, make games quickly, etc.

I have 2 PC's with D2 installed on both and I can create a game using one char and then repeatedly get failed to join game when trying to join from the other pc? This is after starting d2 on both pc's and not after a session , etc. I am also unable to (intermittantly) to join public games that only have 1 or 2 poeple in.

If I do manage to create a game, after about 5 minutes the lag gets so bad it's not worth playing/too dangerous!

I'm used to the state of battle net but recently this is making it unplayable.

Is anyone else experiencing the same?

I've checked for news to see if there's anything (patching or the like) going on but cant find anything.

Dupers are on a rampage; this make the game nearly unplayable. That's what's happening... it's really sad.
Why don't the bloody dupers sod off and play a newer game? How does hacking an ancient game get them OMG1337 points?
I play on East so I wouldn't know much... But... Are you sure it's not your connection itself? You say one computer can make games and the other can't? Do you have a router with the port 6112 opened? Have you tried turning your firewall off and allowing Diablo to run? Have you tried uninstalling Diablo then downloading the patches from the Blizzard website? Have you tried playing on a U.S realm to see if it's just Europe? I could go on but I think I've stated enough things to try. If you could try these then post if nothing works I'll try helping you. I'll have a go on Europe myself soon/later to see if it's laggy, my connection is fine so it should be easy to tell.

I've been noticing the same thing, but for much longer time than just from 5th of December (I have NTL internet, webpages and chat programs works fine). Sometimes it can take me like 5-10 attempts to create a game. Then there is that lag even when ping says 100 or so...

Same problem here, a lot of failed to join game and sometimes ci. I even was rolled back after a game with a lot of lagspikes, cost me a cold skiller.. And I had a ci when doing the ubers. Game was gone immediately while I was ingame over 5 minutes (I perm my game before opening the portal). But I don't play hc, where this is even more irritating I presume..

But I have to say that sometimes is very good playable as well, so it depends on what time you play, maybe try playing in the morning instead of the evening etc. (if you can manage that in your time schedule ofc)
Cheers for the responses.

I've never really had a major problem before now and my first thought was that the dupers were gearing up for xmas or that the school holidays had started.

Dr Phil - Thanks for the suggestions. My firewall has port 6112 open. With regards one pc being able to make, it's not linked to a specific pc, sometimes one sometimes the other. Any ideas about the not being able to join a game, which I have created on one pc, from the other pc? I have got a char on west but only so I could moan on the blizzard support channel :)

Given that it's also happening to all my friends who play (there's 6 of us) and the fact that we didnt really have this problem before, and that we all work in IT so it's unlikely to be internet connection issues, I can only assume the dupers are making lots of nice dupes.

Maybe it would help if people didnt trade in duped items and buy duped kit off the interweb?

Or maybe I should just join them and dupe my good stuff and trade for the rest and forget trying to actually play :(

cheers and merry xmas all
I play both East and Europe, the reason i started East was the lag on Europe. I was really surprised to find that East lags A LOT less that Europe.
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