problem in bvb


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Jun 1, 2004
problem in bvb

I don't know how it happens but i'm owned by barbs with fury bb with lower ar, def, life and so on...

My setup @94:
- 3.8k max dmg
- 5.6 k life
- 27k def
- 18k ar

I don't run, i walk and do short wws, trying to avoid to get into the others ww. But today I duelled the one described above and he hit me very often and I seldom did. Needless to say that my life was drained very fast by OW. And he was running towards me and I selldom hit him.

Public bvb if u wonder... I don't know of any league bvb for now on Europe.

Can someone explain what happens?
heh, first of all how do you know he had less life, ar and so on? (please don't say 'he told me so')
second: presuming he did give you his stats, and he didnt lie, did he give u 'base' or stats after prebuffing, what did he use and did he prebuff at all(as if!)?
do you use OW(by using i mean having at least 50%ish)? it's really 'a must' in BvB.
i'm not saying i doubt your dueling skills, but they are 'nice' to have, and may decide the outcome of a duel(plz don't think i'm saying it's your fault, just that it represents a possible cause to falior)

cheers. k
Ow is pwning you & you ar is a bit low by bvb standards.Use dual aneglics/get more ar charms & enchant.Are u using duress & dracs,if not get them & things should be better.One more thing to note is fury barbs dont need duress to attain 100% ow,as a matter of fact they get 101% with fury,dracs & gores.So he is probably using a high defense eth plate or stone-that is hurting your chance to hit him & he is obiously making matters worse by trigger ow everytime he hits.Pack more ow yourself & get more ar.

Well, the fact is I didn't use enchant, because some opponents don't use it. I use the angelic combo and lots of GC with life and ar. And using a duress would get my defense real low in comparison to what I have...

And I still don't get how he hit me so often... And how did I not hit him when he was running...?
use eth steel carpace, i tried all the armors and the most armor that i like was eth steel carpace (i have with him 34k defence).
I think the problems are your charms, if u have 18k ar with angelic combo is not so low, i dont know maybe u should get maxarlife gcs instead of ar/lifes for more dmg.
I got on my barb 17k with 2* raven-higlord + enchant,, 10-11k without enchant, and i hit almost anything and dont have problems in hitting barbs.

dunno whats wrong with your setup, it looks just fine,, maybe the ather barb was a lvl 99 so thats why u didnt hit him? Anyway it should not be such a big difference.
I think I hit but I do low dmg and that's why it seems I don't hit.

Anyway, I'll try to find some max/ar/life, though they are quite expensive.
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