Post your favorite char screen shot (mine has 187k damage, so eat it)

Lord Nyax

Aug 1, 2005
Post your favorite char screen shot (mine has 187k damage, so eat it)

So yes, I admit it, I'm a number whore. I like my Char screen to have numbers that are really really big. It's just so fun to say that I do 168k in one hit.

My pretty char screen

So, what are your favorite number-whore type shots? Post 'em up!

EDIT: Score, I just found a skill shrine. Yay! New levels of awesomeness.
:: whistles ::

mind sharing your equipment set up with us?

edit: waaaaaaaaaait, can you explain to me why it lists the HIGHER damage value first?

that doesn't make sense..
Gah, I just realized that I had a Ravenfrost on instead of my usual BK, so it should be even higher, but meh. If I find another skill shrine, I'll update again.

Ahem, my equipment is as follows:
  • +2 Zon Circlet
  • Seraph's Hymn (+2 skills)
  • Titan's Revenge
  • 50% Bramble AP (sooooo sexy)
  • Spirit (20/20 Monarch would rule...but meh)
  • Trang Oul's Claws
  • 2x BK
  • Arachnid's Mesh
  • Sandstorm Treks
  • 9x Javalin GCs
  • Anni
  • 19/17 Zon Torch
  • CTA on switch
Adds up to a level 47 Plague and Poison Javalin. Right now, just looking at my Zon, she hits 168k poison damage over 100 seconds. Man...I should've worn my BK ring...I'm gonna go find a skill shrine.

EDIT: Yay, found it. I hit 187k damage. That's pretty damn intense, no?
I'll upload it in a second. Here it is. Awesome, yes?
jesus man

i'm defiantly going to make me one of those :p

heck, with a 20/20 monarch you'd probably hit over 200k
thanks for that second shot plasmo. i'd been trying to figure out if my eth sacred rondache of blocking was the one everyone was calling so godly, but i was wrong. its that thing.
I love my Plaguezon too.
i think reduced all vendor prices 127% mean u earn some money when u buy :greedy:. I need it to buy my personal supersonic aircraft :prop:
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