Post-apocalyptic MMORPG Shooter Ashfall Announced


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May 26, 2020
Not sure about this one but it's just been announced at the Tokyo Game Show. 3rd person shooter MMO title basically. Setting looks cool and it's supposed to be out next year.

Ashfall is set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been scorched by nuclear war, as mankind’s greatest creation once turned against them. The war was caused by a vast artificial intelligence that betrayed humanity and attempted to destroy all life on the planet, save for the robots. Humanity survived, however, and the last humans created pockets of civilization among the ruins of their former glory. Natural resources are dwindling and the last vestiges of mankind battle each other for supplies, but all is not lost, as hope lies on with the rumours of the “Core of Creation”, which may be able to heal the shattered land. The players take on the role of Wanderers: soldiers and explorers who are tasked with leaving the safety of their Vault and searching the dangerous lands, in the hope of finding mankind’s salvation.

Ashfall is a third-person adventure shooter, with a focus on using cover and team-tactics to overcome enemies. The goal of the game is rebuilding civilization and reclaiming the wasteland, but the task won’t be easy. Not only is the land itself dangerous to explore, but there are many enemies who now dwell in the ruins of society, including bands of raiders, murderous machines that were designed for war, and packs of mutated animals. Combat is just one part of Ashfall, as there is a massive world that is waiting to be explored, filled with loot for players to find and secrets to uncover about the society that existed before. There are many quests for players to take on and colourful NPCs who reside in the world of Ashfall who are waiting to be encountered.

In Ashfall, the player creates their own Wanderer from a bevy of options in the character creation mode, and equips them with all manner of futuristic guns and gear that they will need for the trials ahead. There are lots of potential character builds available that players can tailor to their own gameplay style, as well as powerful equipment that can be salvaged, in order to give them a competitive edge. The combat involves using cover and the environment to the player’s advantage, as they off against all manner of different foes. The mightiest of these can be faced in exciting boss battles, ranging from giant beasts, to elite solo enemies with skills that match the player’s own. Luckily, players won’t have to take face these challenges alone, as Ashfall has both single and multiplayer modes, allowing groups of friends to explore the wasteland together, and take on the challenges as a team.

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