Poisonmancer gear


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Dec 13, 2008
Poisonmancer gear

Hey all,

I'm having an internal debate about the "best" gear choice for my poison necro. I've been using the standard arach/ homunculus for the belt and shield, but i'm wondering if filling those spots with trang's gear would be a better choice because of the -25% res it grants. However, almost any guide I can find lists the trangs combo as a sub-par option compared to arach/ homunc, so I'm wondering if there is something I'm not taking into consideration. Any thoughts?

P.S. Damage is the primary consideration here; survivability is secondary. Also, the gg rares for the shield are not an option.
Re: Poisonmancer gear

Welcome Newcomer to The Darkness. Grab a brew :guiness: and feel free to raise some corpses.

For pure damage you cannot beat the Trang combo. You'll loose out on some +skills, some mana regen and a good blocking shield by going for the Trang combo.
Re: Poisonmancer gear

I wouldn't say arach + homun is standard. I thought more people used 3-piece trangs?
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