Poison/Summon Necro


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Mar 24, 2004
Poison/Summon Necro

Ive been thinking about this for awhile now:

Here is my setup:

Nec Circ: 2+ Nec 20 Fc 20 Resis

Enigma MP

Trang gloves


2 x Rare Fc Rings



Weapon Switch 1: AoKL/Homunkulus
Weapon Switch 2: Beast/20/20 Monarch

The plan is to Lower Resis the monsters,cast a nova then amplify them.

How does my setup look?
If you are going PvM use Death's web + 3 pieces of Trang's (shield+gloves+belt is the best). Lowers resists by 65-75%
if its just pvm...i guess you should be ok...FCR isn't has big an issue there...you can also consider socking some of your open pieces with +x%/-5% psn facets

and if you're Mfing...you could also switch the marrows for wtravs, the rings for nagels...and the ammy too if you don't need the res....

belt gloves, head (shield) will be trangs....

i guess beyond that you could tweak your inventory...torch...gheeds..etc..have fun =P
i have atm the same hybrid with trangs set and 6k nova but not death web :p

still what i mostly do is summon some skellies, then lr+nova+(amp)+corpse explo

it works pretty good in 1-4 players but in 5-8 the killing slows down, also some creatures take really pathetic dmg from poisons (mostly undead)
Hmm, I would think that as a Poison Summon hybrid, you would focus more on your poison with minions as backup, so that you would only use LR most of the time, and when you meet an enemy thats heavily resistant to poison, you switch over to amp to help your poor skeles out.
nope leo has it right


since the nova will continue working at the rate it was initially introduced (under LR)...even when the monster is amped...you can always re LR...or just nova while amped also if the monster just isn't going down....
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