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Poison Javelin + Venom: An Exercise in Excess (because I can!)


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Jan 31, 2018
For more than ten years, I've been exploring the usefulness of Poison Javelin combined with the Venom proc from "Treachery" armor. I've chronicled the early years of that exploration in my Fending Mistress o' Minions Javazons thread at the Amazon Basin. Since my 2016 report on Thirda_Fender, I've made some changes which have made her even more fun to play.

The changes were inspired by crafting this stack of javelins:


The green numbers in the LCS show the poison cloud damage. The blue numbers are not accurate; Thirda's slvl 3 Poison Javelin inflicts 9540-10182 Poison damage over 12.4 seconds, or 769-821 Poison DPS, when the javelin hits the target.

After crafting the Blood Picket stack, I decided to see just how good a chance to hit the target I could achieve. I also wanted to stack the DPS from Open Wounds (258 at Thirda's current level) with Poison Javelin and the not-inconsiderable Physical damage from the missile.

Off came her Goblin Toe boots, replaced by Gore Rider (+10% OW).

Off came her "Rhyme" shields, replaced by Swordback Hold Barbed Shields (+50% OW).

Off came a rare ring, replaced by a 246/16 Raven Frost, boosting AR and replacing the CBF lost from "Rhyme".

Off came her +2 P&M gloves, replaced by Dracul's Grasp (+25% OW).

Off came her rare +1 Zon Skills prismatic amulet, replaced by Metalgrid (+407 AR and another minion).


Full disclosure: Due to the loss of 49% Fire res from her previous amulet, I had to replace her 10% OW Blood crafted belt with another featuring Fire res but only 9% OW. So Thirda has only 94% chance of OW, rather than the max possible 95. But she's still a work in progress...

Her switch weapon is the same rare Ferocious + Fools stack she was using back in 2016.


Just how high could I get her Poison Javelin AR, if I really wanted to go all out? I gave her back the amazing but sadly ED-less Balrog Spear which the crafted one replaced, which has an additional +209 AR, and a Demon Limb with which to Enchant.


But she's pretty fun to play without resorting to extremely extreme measures...

I fully realize that Poison Javelin doesn't even exist for most in the SPF community. But this post may be of interest to @Maltatai, whose Rapunzel already knows; to @PhineasB, whose Matriarch Elly took a different path; and to @Swamigoon, in the contemplation of a maxed Power Strike build.
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Nov 2, 2010
Consider me interested ;)
Actually I hadn't thought much of envenomed javelins as a one-point wonder earlier - which could have something to do with about half of my amazons being subject to insane item and skill restrictions - but it has quite the potential with just a lancers ceremonial javelin needed to raise it to at most 20 seconds duration and venom damage on top of that.


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Feb 24, 2006
A Poison/Plague Javelin tosser is definitely on my to-do list, but I probably won't build one this year.

I suppose Treachery's chance-to-cast is the best way to put that delicious green tinge on javelins. But what about other sources? Does a level 3 Venom charge from an Arachnid Mesh make any significant consequence on total damage from a Poison Javelin?
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