Poison explosion as main skill


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Mar 20, 2006
Poison explosion as main skill

I plan on making a necro with following set up. please critique:

20 psn dagger
20 psn explo
20 psn nova
1 in each curse
20 golem mastery
rest into prereqs and 1 pt wonders

magical ammy 3 pnb / fcr
deaths web
trangs gloves
few pnb charms

what i am trying to do is, to use the fire golem to attract the attention of the monsters. When the monsters crowd around the golem and one of them drops, I can use PE to easily take them out (all non-PI). I can maybe even use bonewall to cage them in while poison is running its course. I have never owned a necro, so im not sure if this will play out the way i imagine it. what do u guys think?

i think it makes sense to get a merc to deal with PI and bosses. im looking at pride + eth fort + eth andys for the merc gear.
Too many points in Golem mastery, and Gumby (clay) is a better tank (He slows them down too : D). Other than that it looks good. Actually, I think you should max lower resist rather than a golem skill, let +skills take care of that. If I remember, LR breaks immunities.
Use Trang Shield+helm (-25% enemy resist set bonus for 3 items). Golem Mastery is actually very smart because you can use a Fire or Clay whenever you want+ you can make an insight golem or something else cool out of Iron Golem. Consider 1 points to summon tree skills so you can have a few Revived (if you think your merc and Golem are getting overwhelmed.)

I can just about guaruntee that you will be using Nova after you see how hard it is to get monsters to enter a poison explosion. This is ok. Nova rocks.
poison explo is not good because

a) it does dmg over many seconds, which means the already "slow" necro becomes even slower now
b) hard to get monsters into the cloud
c) because nova is better

ofc you can experiment freely sicne you'll have all three poison skills maxed anyway

as far as tanks go it would be a good idea to focus on skeletons, particularly bc your merc will have pride for the conc, although they look sucky they do help with damage a good deal + they're quite tough
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