Points to dex for ww barb?


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Jul 9, 2006
Points to dex for ww barb?

should i put any points into dex? i am making a whirlwind barb but i dont want to use sword/shield i want to use a two handed weapon. what do i do?
2 handed weapon? Then only enough dexterity to equip your gear (if there are even any dex requirements on the gear you're planning to use). Otherwise, leave dexterity at base.
You can increase your Attack Rating by other means, such as items or charms.

One simple yet effective way is to use the "angelic combo", in other words the Amulet and Ring/s from the Angelic Raiment set. The Ring, when combined with another piece of the set (in this case, the Amulet) will grant you a massive amount of Attack Rating based on your level. Both items are useable from level 12.
how am i supposed to hit anything if i give no points to dex?

Who ever said you need points in dexterity to be able to hit stuff as a barb?? Most barbs have plenty of AR from other things so no need to waste points in dex when you could be putting them into vitality.
how am i supposed to hit anything if i give no points to dex?
dexterity actually adds only a very pathetic boost to your attack rating so it's always much better to use gear with +AR, like angelics, ravenfrosts, metalgrid, charms and other sources of AR

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