PMH = Poison mage??


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Oct 2, 2004
PMH = Poison mage??

Some people say it does, some people say it doesn't. Has anyone done a test to put this to rest? Do poison mages really prevent monster heal?
I haven't tested it, but whenever I kill dclone he doesn't heal (at least not that I would notice it). Even if I leave to get fresh guys.

My merc doesn't have any PMH, so it leaves the poison mages as most likely source to cause this. Or I'm just so frightnig so he completely forgets to heal...

Other monsters I don't know, since I don't feel like taking the time to take a closer look at this. I just kill them off, which seems to stop their healing as well.
I've seen quite a few people claiming that inducing poison stops monster regeneration, but I don't think there has been any "official" facts stated about it..

*Rushes over to the Essential Necro Info page*
I think it the fact that the game has to allow poison damage duration to fully elapse before dclone is allowed start regen'in, Therefore the longer dclone is taking damage (no matter how miniscule) he can't actually regen at the same time as he is taking this damage.

Of course (before i get slated by specific posters) as they jump onto the band wagon to ask how can i be abosolutely sure, the answer is i can't without in short looking indepth in the code of the game.
In my experience poison stops healing from occuring. I too have had help from poison mages when dealing with d clone. No healing occured at all.
All the postings I have seen, and started, concur. Poison, no matter what the form, stops healing for its duration. I imagine this was done to keep poison builds viable in hell despite the fact that many monsters, like DC, will heal faster than your poison will damage; this way poison necs can still compete in the pvm realm. Poison mages are particularly singled out for this because their poison lasts incredibly long periods of time; longer than any other poison skill to my knowledge; and can keep a monster from healing while you tp to town, go make yourself a sandwich, relieve your bladder, and come back to finish him off.
I think a properly high-level Poison Dagger lasts longer, but for a single-point investment mages can't be beat.
Indemaijinj said:
I think a properly high-level Poison Dagger lasts longer

I seriously doubt that.

According to arreat summit, a lvl 20 dagger lasts 9.6 seconds, and it has a 0.4 seconds increase for each level until then. I don't see a reason why the duration should suddenly skyrocket beyond lvl 20, and would expect the 0.4s/level increase to continue.

According to the same website, my poison mages (slvl 37 mastery, slvl 34 raise mage) have more than 500 seconds duration. Excuse me for not looking up the exact value (I think it's 530 seconds), but unless the poison duration really skyrockets with poison dagger, there is NO WAY it gets to 500 seconds and more.
woah woah -easy there tiger!.

I think he got the message.

Basically Poison mage damage duration can't be beaten by Poison Dagger damage duration. (check)

Perhaps ease off a little on OTT response. We meant to be a happy community here :buddies:
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