Physical Charger/Zealot Guide


Dec 16, 2006
Physical Charger/Zealot Guide

My Paladin is both PvP and PvM fighter, he is more than a Paladin; he is a Warrior!
(becuse of no magic he has)

His name is HaohMaru... a MASTERLESS and UNBEATABLE RONIN from the fistory of Japan...destroyer of the clans and families and a dojo...master of all war arts and weapons...He did his first duel when he is at 13 and never lost...

I’ve two favorite games; Samurai Shodown and Diablo...and I have two favorite characters; Ronin and Knight! My paladin took his name from that Ronin, and that Ronin took his name from Miyamoto Musashi! MASTERLESS and UNBEATABLE!

Also my warrior is a lvl 99 HARDCORE character..!

En Garde..!

His base stats are;

Strength : 250
Dexterity : 150
Vitality : 170
Energy : 20 (he is my first D2 character, i made a mistake to giving to energy 5 points)

And here’s my armors, jewelrys and weapons...

All of them except the Steelrend and Verdungo’s Heart Cord are Exceptional Unique items, so in patch 1.11 finding them not really too hard...

Guardian Angel (up and UM socketed)
Rockstopper (up and UM socketed)
Tearhaunch (up and up)
Verdungo’s Heart Cord
Raven Frost and a rare (life leech, +str/dex, +rez)
Mara’s Kaleidoscope
HoZ (up)
Call To Arms (SCOURGE) (because of its cool name)

And most important thing for my strategy of character and gameplay...Crainte Vomir! It is my default weapon, only at caves and dungeons i use my shield&scourge...if needed...
Crainte Vomir (ethereal item, up and ZOD socketed)

Skill Distribution

Combat Skills
Sacrifice 20
Zeal 10
Holy Shield 13
Charge 20
Vengeance 1
Smite 1
prereq 2

Offensive Skills
Might 20
Fanaticisim 20
prereq 2

Defensive Skills
Defiance 1

NOTE: I use act2-defiance mercenary, my base defense is about 3200, with merc 11500, with merc and holy shield 23000! This saves my life ALWAYS, i never need xK-blabla defence! If my hireling dies and i don’t hire him again, my defiance skill (lvl 7 with items) and holy shield is enough at EMERGENCY SITUATIONS! But at other hand my Crainte Vomir serves me and always will be ENOUGH for feeble beings!!

So then WHYS of my choices...


Rockstopper; because it has DAMAGE REDUCTION, +FASTER HIT RECOVERY, +VITALITY and high REZ

Tearhaunch; because it has +VIGOR and REZ TO ALL

Steelrend; because it has +STR, +DAMAGE and a high defence value

Verdungo’s Heart Cord; because it has DAMAGE REDUCTION, +40 VITALITY and FASTER HIT RECOVERY

Raven Frost; because of CANNOT BE FROZEN is enough!!

Mara’s Kaleidoscope;because it has +SKILLS and HIGH REZ, but i will change this amulet if i find life leech amulet and high rez charms...

HoZ; because it is THE BEST!! It has everything u need!

Call To Arms; because it has +SKILL, +IAS and most important of all IT HAS PURE PHYSICAL DAMAGE!!

then warrior finds a sword that makes him UNBEATABLE...DEFINITELY

Crainte Vomir
Crainte Vomir; because it has DAMAGE REDUCTION, SLOWS ENEMIES, DECREASES MONSTERS’ DEFENCE, FASTER RUN/WALK and most important is +%50 IAS!!

Crainte Vomir’s ethereal and elite version (Legend Sword) has min225-max423 damage!!
with lvl24 charge and lvl24 fanaticisim it gives 4500-8500 damage
with lvl14 zeal and lvl24 fanaticisim it gives 2800-5200 damage

these damage values seems to you very low if you look at other Paladin Strategies, but if you can handle this “extra fast, aura enchanted, elemental immune, and cannot be stunned†monster, you can rush at everywhere at act5 i do!

NOTE: The only weakness this character shows against Iron Maiden casters!(because of the physical damage of Crainte Vomir) But if u fight carefully against those knights you won’t die, always stay close those casters turn around them..walk and sometimes run..always stay close...if u stay close them they will always cast another curse..look above your head, if the curse is Iron Maiden continue to walk/run aroun them and stay close, mercenary will finish them slowly, when the Iron Maiden is over do a quick charge, those knights die easily, so you can kill 6 or 7 knights in just 2 seconds.

After all, HaohMaru’s Stats and Skills will be...

Call To Arms/HoZ SETUP;

Strength : 333
Dexterity: 219
Vitality : 279
Energy : 45
1494 Life / 287 Mana
+90 All Resistances
23000 DR
Crainte Vomir SETUP;

Strength : 313
Dexterity: 219
Vitality : 259
Energy : 45
1434 Life / 287 Mana
+90 Fire/Lightning/Cold, +85 Poison Resistances

If anyone wants to duel with HaohMaru, i'll be eagerly :evil: awaiting..

THE LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no BAD LUCK in this game, there is NO LUCK or MORE GOOD LUCK!! Never give up gambling and searching ‘till u find WHAT U REALLY WANT!!

Thanx for reading...Sorry for bad English...Good Games and Good Life To You All Pals!!
HIMM..don't you like him??!
in hell difficulty all monsters have one of the cold/lightning/fire or poison immunities or two of them at the same time! but physical immune monsters are rare by comparison to other immunities. so HaohMaru does only physical damage that effects almost every monsters even in hell.
yesterday i found a 6 sockets lance, i socketed it with 2 prefect ruby/topaz/sapphire gems, when i meet phy immune monster, azrael (act2-merc) has enough elemental damage to kill them, sometimes i help him with my smite skill against some types of moonlords in act5-caves...
with this strategy HaohMaru has never retreated from any fight and never died..because he is a hardcore character, he has "cannot escape" gear on him-my opinion!
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