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Patriarch Unrak – Mauler (1.13)


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Jun 23, 2003
Patriarch Unrak, BoTD-Mauler; a heart-warming story of a boy and his bear!

Level: 84

St – 156 (231)
Dx – 50 (106)
Vt – 284 (319)
En – 20 (75)

HP 3707 (as bear)
Mana 352


Fire: 85
Cold: 75
Ltning: 80
Poison: 75


Maul: 20 (29 in use)
Lycanthropy: 20 (34 – after switch)
Werebear: 20 (34 – after switch)
Summon Grizzly: 20 (31 – after switch)
Heart of the Wolverine: 10 (21 – after switch)

Werewolf, Raven, Wolves, Oak Sage 1

Maul (after juiced up Maul, HotW & BA merc):

AR: 7347
Dam: 2701 - 9077


Weapon 1:

1.07 eth BoTD Berserker Axe
“Phoenix” Monarch

Weapon 2:

“Heart of the Oak” Flail
“Spirit” Monarch

“Um” Jalal’s Mane
“Chains of Honor” Archon Plate
Laying of Hands
Gore Rider
String of Ears
Raven Frost & Manald Heal

Merc (Act 2 – Blessed Aim)

“Um” Eth Shaftstop
Eth Reaper’s Toll

Random musings:

This was all I expected the build to be, tanky with a hell of a bite! There was no real problem anywhere other than minor slow downs while waiting to upgrade to better weapons while levelling. I went for nothing fancy, just Maul, Maul and more Maul. As I have pointed out before, the ctc Flamestorm on the Phoenix does interrupt the attack flow a little, but as Maul attacks relatively slowly it was not really an issue. The Redemption aura meant that potion use was mainly there to keep the merc alive. The one minor frustration was the number of times I walked past the monster rather than attacking it.

So, all done! Here is my BoTD sept in its entirety:

  • Heeeere’s Johnny, Frenzy Barb
  • Rev_Quick, Avenger
  • Lizzie, Enchantress
  • DameDeMort, Blade Fury Assassin
  • Axazon, Melee-Passives Amazon
  • Unrak, Werebear
  • Hugh_Encry, Slow-mo-mancer

I am really finding D2 difficult to play after playing PoE; not so much in the gameplay and graphic (D2 is an old game after all!), but overall tightness and QoL features found in modern games. I have accomplished just about everything I wanted to do playing D2 and there are very few builds that I still would like to try. If I combine my 1.12 and 1.13 stash, I’m at Grail minus one, but I suppose I could try get the four that I’m missing in 1.13. I have taken all five D2C characters to the end of the normal difficulty, will not go back unless a viable muling application becomes available. I’ve won a few MFOs over the years and I’ve even got a Guardian under my belt. This is not goodbye, but I’m not sure how much longer D2 will draw my in.

Note: For those who do not know, Unrak is another Eddings reference. He is the son of Barak and, like his father, he has the ability to change into a bear under certain conditions.
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Nice spread of runewords to help that bear on the road :)

And yes, after a while, there's only so much left, nothing, not even D2, lasts forever :)
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