Patriarch Superluminal – The Grief Frenzier (1.13)


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Mar 18, 2020
Patriarch Superluminal, Frenzy Barb

Level: 86

St – 118 (138)
Dx – 136 (175)
Vt – 261 (298)
En – 10 (10)

HP 2865 (after BO)
Mana 251 (after BO)


Fire: 75
Cold: 75
Ltning: 75
Poison: 75


Frenzy: 20 (25)
Double Swing: 20 (25)
Taunt: 20 (23)
Sword Mast.: 20 (23)
Battle Orders: 8 (18 – after switch)

Prerequisites and ancillaries: 1

Frenzy (Max Frenzy + Fanaticism):

AR: 8747 / 8747
Dam: 1058 – 1410 / 1071 – 1423

Defence: 3238


Weapon 1:

“Grief” Phase Blade
“Grief” Phase Blade

Weapon 2:

“Call to Arms” Phase Blade
“Hoto” Flail

“Um” Arreat’s Face
“Duress” Archon Plate
Laying of Hands
Gore Rider
Verdungo's Hearty Cord
Atma’s Scarab
Raven Frost & Manald Heal

Merc (Act 1 – Fire)

“Um” Eth Shaftstop
“Faith” Great Bow

Random musings:

With Patriarch Amphetamine fresh in my mind, I decided to take this character to the next level of speed (again hence the name). I was able to comfortable get Superluminal through Normal using a pair of Bloodletters and the Cow King set. It was when I headed into Nightmare that I discovered that I had absolutely no middle level set/unique swords that were better than the Bloodletters and not a single exceptional sword that I could make a mid-level runeword in! Nightmare Act 1 /p8 was slow. Nightmare Act 2 /p8 was painful. Early in Act 3 I hit clvl 59, equipped my dual Griefs and things took off spectacularly. Well comparatively speaking. The keen of eye will see that much of the equipment used by Superluminal was also used by Amphetamine, this was a deliberate choice as I was comparing the two builds as closely as I could. Overall, Amphetamine and his Zealing seemed a far more efficient and safer killer than Superluminal and his Frenzy. And this was far from what I expected. Superluminal bit more damage, faster and with almost twice as many hit points. The 75% block and 12+K defence of Amphetamine made a hell of a difference. With this surprising result, I might have to try a Fury Wolf (with Rabies as a backup?) and draw the comparisons out further.

Enough of this, back to speaking about Superluminal. I was going to put my spare points into Movement Speed, but I was having enough trouble controlling Superluminal with the one hard point, he would have been crazy with more. In one way I shot myself in the foot with all this movement speed as it was because I would leave my poor Rouge merc in the dust and a lot of the time I was outside the range of her Fanaticism aura. I hate using Battle Orders because it is almost mandatory for a barbarian, but in the end, I put my remaining skill points into it, and I was glad to have the extra hit points. Even with 2800+ hit points and the great killing power, I never really felt at ease with this build; I always thought that a death was just around the corner. Funny, because Superluminal did not die at all (more out of luck than design if I’m being totally frank about it). I made a similar build before using my BotD and Death Zerker axes and it was a killer, but this one seemed to be a more seat of the pants experience. I’m not saying that the build was bad, but I expected it to be streets ahead of Amphetamine and it was far from that! On the plus side, Hell Forge gave me a Gul and that was a new experience for me.

So, a Grief Fury Wolf next???

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