Patriarch SolomonsKnight


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Jul 28, 2004
Patriarch SolomonsKnight

Now, before I post my first ever Patriarch (single player anyway) I want to throw in a big disclaimer. This is the most twinked character there ever could be. I owe a HUGE debt to my brother who spent years collecting high end runes, made a Chains of Honor (among other things) and then quit the game, leaving me his stash. In short, I acheived Pat status using "uber" gear bequeathed to me but here he is all the same:

Patriarch Solomons Knight
Level 80 Paladin
I maxed out Holy Freeze, Resist Cold, Zeal, Salavation, and Sacrifice to make a fully synergized Cold/Physical attack.

Helm: Guillaume's Face
Armor: Chains of Honor embossed plate
Amulet: rare amulet with +2 Pally skills, 5% life leach and resist all 6%
Belt: String of Ears
Shield: "Um" Herald of Zakarum
Weapon: Heaven's Light with 2 cold facets
Rings: Ravenfrost/Dwarf Star
Gloves: Dracul's Grasp
Boots: Gore Riders

Act 2 Defensive merc with Gaze, Courpsemourn and ethereal Reaper's Toll

This is a FANTASTIC buil as a long as you can get the crushing blow. Meph, Diablo and Baal have never been so easy. Next project is a Concentrate/Frenzy barbarian.
Congrats to you and your brother! :teeth:

Well, I am quite close to pat my frenzy barb who is endless fun. It's good that you will play one of them. Tell us what your idea behind the hybrid is (frenzy/concentrate). :)
Congrats on the Pat! :clap: A Zealot no less! That's probably going to be the next char I make because I miss my 1.09 Zealot. :p

SimontheBulletFreak said:
Gloves: Dracul's Grasp
Act 2 Defensive merc with ethereal Reaper's Toll

didnt the curses overwriting each other get annoying.
congrats on the pat. wish i had CoH :lol:
goodluck on the barb
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