Patriarch Rokhan, The Wind Druid makes the 7/7 Mat/Pat Quest Complete!


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Apr 13, 2004
Patriarch Rokhan, The Wind Druid makes the 7/7 Mat/Pat Quest Complete!

It finally happened :) After my first 6 Pats/Mats,

Patriarch Uther, lvl 89 Hammerdin
Patriarch Rexxar, lvl 81 ConcBarb
Patriarch Nozdormu, lvl 81 Skelliemancer
Matriarch Alleria, lvl 81 SniperZon
Matriarch Jaina, lvl 80 Meteorbess
Matriarch Azshara, lvl 79 Trapsin

my Druid made it all the way to Patriarch, thus completing my first quest - a Pat/Mat of each class. My next quest will probably be the grail quest, which is quite a bit away yet with 77 uniques and 24 set items to go. So let me present to you the newest member of the 'making it all the way' club:

Patriarch Rokhan, Lvl 85 Wind Druid

He's a standard WindDruid build, which had few troubles in the game apart from the rare immune to physical/cold creature that shows up once in a while. As always Hell Ancients were a bit troublesome and I rerolled them a few times to get a reasonable configuration. Hell Ball - well you should have thought he knew that this was the last Patriarch I needed to complete my quest. I have never seen him summon his clone so many times before - quite annoying actually. Eventually he did fall, giving me various useless things.



90 Statpoints remaining



Arctic Blast.....8(1)
Cyclone Armor...27(20)


Oak Sage........4(1)
Smn Spirit Wolf.4(1)
Smn Dire Wolf...4(1)
Smn Grizzly.....4(1)

10 Skillpoints remaining




Helm....Harlequin Crest with PTopaz
Amulet..Gaean Amulet Of Blight, +3 Elemental, 50 poison dmg/3 secs
Shield..Whistan's Guard
Armor...Skin Of The Vipermagi all res +26
Ring....Rare with +70 AR,5% Mana Steal,+1 Str,+46 Mana,Cold Res +28, Half Freeze Duration
Ring....Rare with 10% FCR,+34 AR,4% Life Steal,+72 Mana. Lightning Res +12,+13% MF
Belt....Gloom's Trap
Charms..One +1 to Elemental Grand Charm

Hell Resistances 31/59/64/31


Act 2 Holy Freeze with Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest,Duriell's Shell and Bonehew
Nice windy where would you put your extra stat and skill points?


If you can muster a stone runeword, you could place those extra skill points in firestorm with the +skills and stone runeword it provides a surprizing amount of fire power. Mine is at slvl 26 with just around 1000 damage per second per stream so about 2500-3000 damage per cast in melee range. Its a worthwhile trade off for handling cold/physical immunes.

But again your much further along in the game than my elemental druid. Congrads on finishing your 7th build.

:jig: :jig: :jig:
Reborn2k said:
Congratulations! :thumbsup:

Which of the 7 builds was the most fun to you?

Well - that depends on the perspective - if you mean most fun moments from start to beginning the Amazon definately beats the others. It was fun experimenting with eq to see if I could go all the way with just 8 points in strafe. Also when going the SniperZon way it was definately fun watching the Valkyrie tanking Baal without dying :).

If you're looking for the class which I thought was most easy to play it was definately the Skelliemancer, followed closely by the ConcBarb.

And then again, we're all playing to have some fun, right? :)
Congrats on a great accomplishment :thumbsup: Were all characters Mat'ed/Pat'ed in 1.10?
Wow, that's three Pat/Mat threads in two days time! Did you have all of your characters sitting at the WSK 2 waypoint waiting to Pat/Mat them all at the same time or are you someone who can breeze through the whole game in a matter of hours (unlike me where Act 1 Normal usually takes me the better part of a day because I love stopping and smelling the roses, so to speak :p )?

At any rate, congrats on the Pat! :clap:

I'm ahead of you dave, only got 3 left! (although i dont really like pallys or druids, so these will probably just get left out in the wilderness)
And well done on the complete collection! if only there was a hall of fame feature, to allow you to see all characters that have made such achievements!
Sooo, a WarCraft Fan (I really really doubt you got all those names randomly :D) I see. Good work. I'm only six away. But I probably won't go any closer...
Congrats! Nice work.
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