Patriarch PaladinEnVec [Hammerdin]


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Nov 2, 2005
Patriarch PaladinEnVec [Hammerdin]

This is my first character on my nth comeback. Pretty proud of it because I made him up all the way to Pat. Been playing self-found until now.

Level 82 Paladin

Stat Pts Naked/Gear
Str 90/117
Dex 115/122
Vit 245/311
Ene 15/22
Life 1062/1453
Mana 136/587

Stat Pts Remaining 40

Sacrifice 1
Holy Bolt 1
Smite 1
Charge 1
Blessed Hammer 20
Holy Shield 4
Might 1
Concentration 20
Blessed Aim 20
Prayer 1
Defiance 1
Cleansing 1
Vigor 20
Redemption 1

Skill Pts Remaining 1

Resistance: 75 all

Helm: Harlequin Crest
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope
Armor: Skin of the Viper Magi
Weapon: Wizardspike
Shield: Herald of Zakarum
Gloves: Magefist
Belt: Verdungo's Hearty Cord
Boots: Aldur's Advance
Ring: Manald Heal
Ring: 10% FCR/116 to mana

Act2 Might Merc
Helm: Rare
Weapon: Hwanin's Justice
Weapon: Hwanin's Refuge

Started out as a melee character and pouring points into Concentration. I filled Blessed Hammer up until to level 5 IIRC, then maxed out Concentration while I was still meleeing. Then I opted to fill the BH synergy Blessed Aim while leaving BH to a low level so the mana is kept at a minimum and I can afford to use BH when I was level 27~. I remembered I was able to start using BH on the Act 2 Canyon of the Magi. After I have maxed out BA, I proceeded to max out BH then Vigor, not forgetting to put 1 point in HS and Redemption as soon as it was available.

Redemption is a big help to fill up the mana as I used to run around until enough enemies are following me, then I start to spam the hammers. After they all fall down, I use Redemption to fill my mana bulb pretty quicly. Either that, or just chugged a blue potion.

Played thru Normal and NM with p8 settings except for NM bosses where I had to lower the settings to p1. As soon as I reached NM Meph, I made some runs just to get some decent items like the Skin of the Viper Magi and the Magefist. I found a wand that has a 20% FCR and adds a lot of mana and that was I was using almost throughout his career until I farmed Hell Mephy and got the Wizzy along with the Mara's, Harley and HoZ (lucky me).

Hell was really HELL and was a pain in the ***. Played p1 all the way. But after I got those items, Hell became pretty much of a joke as I was just walking around spamming hammers. Had some near death experiences after I found those gears but mainly due to my laziness and cockiness. Didn't really had a hard time taking down Diablo, we just literally went at it standing next to each other toe to toe, mano amano. He didn't last that long though. As for Baal, I didn't have much trouble with his minions. Baal didn't gave me too much of a trouble too also except for his mana burn. That's why he lasted much longer than his brothers. Lolz.

My next project would be a Meteorb, but then again it might be a CL/FO type, but one thing is for sure. It will be a sorc.

Thanks for reading this. :)

Re: Patriarch PaladinEnVec [Hammerdin]

Good job, buddy. I've still never made a hammerdin, but, reading this has sort of given me the urge to try it out (sort of)

also, is the name a homage to a certain Magic: The Gathering card?
Re: Patriarch PaladinEnVec [Hammerdin]

Well done, and very nice gear for an untwinked char, congratulations :)
Re: Patriarch PaladinEnVec [Hammerdin]

Gratz on the hammerdin. Dunno how you could put up with the non-aimable hammers, they drove me nuts when I tried one a long time ago.
Re: Patriarch PaladinEnVec [Hammerdin]

Congratulations LK on the Pat! Luck with your next project, the sorcie.
Re: Patriarch PaladinEnVec [Hammerdin]

Thanks guys.

@SonataArctica - Why don't you really try and go make one? Try building an untwinked one so it will really be more challenging. If you twink him and have godly items by hell mode, he just literally pwns anything in his path, thus making him dull and a bit boring to play. All you have to do is spam hammers and everyone goes down pretty much quickly.

And yes, it is a homage to the Magic: The Gathering cards. I used to play it a while back, though my decks were almost exclusively permissions (blue) and re-animator (black). Some have very nice combos like unlimited mana and the likes then use drain life to obliterate your enemy.

@Ziggyzug - I just practiced and practiced. There are a lot of tips here for aiming the hammers, though I must say at times I really get irritated especially for very small enemies like the flayers, stygians, etc.
Re: Patriarch PaladinEnVec [Hammerdin]

Congratulations on a pat well done :)

It's a nice set of gear you got for untwinked play.
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