Patriarch Orcula


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Jul 1, 2003
Patriarch Orcula

Orcula is a Fishymancer and my first Patriarch since my restart in November. I started him to be a magic finder. My primary gear gives him around 420% mf, and he has +7 to all skills (+10 to Raise Skeleton and Skeleton Mastery). He goes over 500% mf with the Ali Baba on switch.

The Stats:
Character name : Orcula
Character type : Necromancer
Character level : 88
Character exp : 1403758157

Strength : 97
Energy : 25
Dexterity : 189
Vitality : 169
Stat Points Rem : 50
Skill Points Rem: 4

Life : 738
Mana : 485

Resists (in hell)
Fire : 75
Cold : 50
Lightning : 75
Poison : 58

The Skills:
20 Raise Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mastery
20 Corpse Explosion
13 Dim Vision
3 Amp Damage
2 Revive
2 Summon Resist
1 pre-reqs and curses

The Gear:
Harlequin Crest
Skullder's Ire
Homonculus (pdiamond)
Arm Of King Leoric
Chance Guards
War Traveler
Chromatic Amulet of Luck
Felicitous Ring of Fortune
Gheed's and resist charms

Blade of Ali Baba
another Homunculus

also carried:
Amulet of Teleportation (25 charges)

Act 2 Offensive Merc:
Guillame's Face
Duriel's Shell
eth Bonehew (2x Amn)

Best item: Ist from Hellforge
Baal drop: Vamp Gaze, Sigon's Shelter, Magnus' Skin

Orcula will now continue to run Lower Kurast, Pindle, and Baal for items while I work on my level 56 zealot. I want to get him into hell difficulty by Christmas.
Good work on the Patriarch. Never really liked fishymancers much though, but glad to see it worked for you. Any notable finds along the way? Near death experiences? Scary boss packs?
Well, he's not hardcore so yeah I had some deaths. More often, it was troublesome to keep resurrecting my merc and/or re-summoning my army. The worst spots were the bugged vipers in Nilathak's lair and the Burning Souls in Act 4. There's not too much that gives a well-built fishy trouble. It's a great build to play when you want to rest your mouse hand. You can't just ignore the screen but there is very little clicking to do.

As far as drops, I got 2 TC87's (Natalya's claws and Mavina's diadem), the Ist rune from the hellforge, and a lot of decent exceptional uniques and set items. I haven't done any serious magic-finding running yet; I spent most of my time so far just leveling through the quests.
Nice Pat, Fishymancers are steady but effective MF runners once their army is up and about and your mancer has some nice stuff already, Chromatic Ammy of Luck and Felicitous Ring of Fortune, nice blues. May there is be more
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