Patriarch Lars - Venomancer and the luckiest SOB in all of Sanctuary


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Jul 19, 2017

My bowazon Harvester found a Death's Web in Chaos Sanctuary a while back which meant I pretty much had to make a Venomancer. I've never made one so there's another reason. I named him Lars. Lars was named after this guy:
If Lars Ulrich would be in D2 he would be a necromancer. Heavy metal references are obvious and even though their personalities don't quite match I feel like the hair style and their voice when they scream are close enough.

Twinked and played as a summonmancer on P7. Lame, I know. Re-spec'd into Poison Nova at level 30 just before Diablo. Moved to nightmare at level 45.

Blasted through with Poison Nova and quite a lot of faster run/walk on P7. Got a Lem from HF. Leveled to 65 after Shenk and put on Enigma. I could've started using Death's Web at level 66 but decided to stick with HoTo so Lars could reach 75% fcr bp and the killing speed was obviously enough. Made this for Lars:
Best roll so far for me (y)

I had two great amulets and other one would be defining the end game build along with Death's Web. Lars used this one first:

Journey through Hell started out like any other. It turned surreal pretty quickly however. Lars tried to find Stony Field by following a path on Cold Plains. He ended up at Burial Grounds. After one teleport backwards he decided to kill Blood Raven because why not. He saw Mausoleum and thought let's take a visit to the first lvl 85 area. The second pack Lars encountered which I believe was a champion pack was holding on to this:
Which turned out to be:
Hence the luckiest SOB in all of Sanctuary.

Lately I've seen some crazy good luck with some forum members playing necromancers and I remember thinking if Lars would continue the trend maybe during the upcoming MFO... Seems like the trend continues. GoMule says the armor is ilvl 87 which would mean the pack was in fact a champion pack if I've understood correctly. If so, with 348% mf Lars had at the time the drop chance according to the drop calculator would have been 1:1105174. That's quite literally one in a million.

Decided to go through Hell on P3 for some tasty Corpse Explosion action. Rescued Anya and went to the Pits to level and farm on P7. Leveled to 88 and killed Ancients. Was disappointed how little exp they gave and went back. Dinged 89 just before killing Baal:
After that Lars could wear the second build defining item:
The idea was to reach 75% FCR and 50% block using Homunculus. End game gear and build looks like this:

20 Poison Nova
20 Poison Explosion
20 Poison Dagger
20 Corpse Explosion
1 each summon skill (except Fire Golem)
1 each curse (except Dim Vision, Confuse, Attract)
1 pre req's
Rest into Golem Mastery

Death's Web -47%/1 pnb skill (will socket with -5/5 facet or Ist rune)
Homunculus (will socket with -4/5 facet or Ist rune)
Shako (ptopaz)
2/15% fcr crafter amulet
Trang's gloves
Arachnid Mesh
2x fcr rings with lightning resist and other minor stats
Raven Nails rare boots (10 fhr / lowish tri res / 25 mf)

7-6% mf sc's
6x 5% fhr sc's with resist

75% FCR
39& FHR
50% Block




Lars is only getting started. I feel like finding Tyrael's is for Lars what Master of Puppets was for Metallica - a classic made by kids who just wanted to do what they do best while drinking a lot. Yes I might have had a beer to celebrate... don't judge me!

Lars will now continue his career as a dedicated Pit farming beast. May the undead RNG gods be favourable and may there be many more - stand up from chair and act silly after finding an item in a 20 year old ARPG - moments to come.

Oh, here's further evidence that Lars is in fact the luckiest SOB in all of Sanctuary. Drop pick from playthrough + Pit farming up until level 89:
Bul Kathos ring is a grailer, Bonehew is eth, Lightsabre is 200% ed and Sazabi's armor + Bul Kathos sword was a double drop.

Thanks for reading!
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Wow, quite a wow there. And very nice write up to boot. Look forward to seeing more shenanigans from Lars 👍
Congratulations on the Tyrael’s again, I found mine with a Venomancer too.

How is your grail status now?
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I think I just compared composing a classic album to finding Tyrael's. This might be the only community that doesn't call you out on that kind of statements.

@Maltatai It's a Freudian thing...

@Pb_pal Cheers!

@PhineasB I hope Lars delivers. Signs are good so far!

@Babyhell :love: Seems like Lars copied my D2 gaming outfit and wore it to a concert that was also made into DVD.

@saracen85 Thanks. Icing on the cake indeed!

@Albatross The fact that I feel a little bit guilty finding the rarest item in the game during a play through is a testament to the brutal but genius itemization of this game. Sure makes for unforgettable moments.

@maxicek Nice! Uniques and Sets -53. Haven't really payed attention to it. I probably should. For example I'm missing full Isenhart's 🧐 It looks like I'm pretty much covered with set items. The high ticket items missing are roughly these: Stormlash, Cranium Basher, Mang Songs, Dragonscale, GF, Azurewrath, Steel Pillar, Ghostflame, Demonhorns edge. Then there's a couple of TC 3's.
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