Patriarch Herbertus the Magnificient Bonemancer


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Nov 28, 2019
This happened yesterday.

Name: Herbertus
Class: Necromancer
Experience: 708523403
Level: 80

Strength: 95/117
Dexterity: 39/51
Vitality: 331/343
Energy: 25/52
HP: 855/1060
Mana: 183/401
Stamina: 474/654
Defense: 9/845
AR: 150/331

Fire: 185/145/85
Cold: 157/117/57
Lightning: 177/137/77
Poison: 150/110/50

MF: 74
Block: 16
GF: 6
FR/W: 40
FHR: 13
IAS: 0
FCR: 100

95 str for Battle boots, dex for Long sword Spirit, rest in vita. Herb did keep a reserve of 50 unspent statpoints halfway through Hell in case a Monarch would happen to manifest itself. But after equipping Homunculus that plan was scratched and points were allocated. No respecs as of yet.

Skills & Gameplay
Amplify Damage: 1/13
Dim Vision: 1/13
Weaken: 1/13
Iron Maiden: 0/0
Terror: 1/13
Confuse: 5/17
Life Tap: 0/0
Attract: 0/0
Decrepify: 1/13
Lower Resist: 0/0

Teeth: 2/14
Bone Armor: 1/16
Poison Dagger: 0/0
Corpse Explosion: 1/13
Bone Wall: 20/32
Poison Explosion: 0/0
Bone Spear: 20/37
Bone Prison: 20/32
Poison Nova: 0/0
Bone Spirit: 13/25

Skeleton Mastery: 0/6
Raise Skeleton: 1/7
Clay Golem: 1/7
Golem Mastery: 1/7
Raise Skeletal Mage: 0/0
Blood Golem: 0/0
Summon Resist: 1/7
Iron Golem: 0/0
Fire Golem: 0/0
Revive: 0/0

Bone Spear damage: 2619 - 2759
Bone Spirit damage: 2043 - 2204
Bone Shield absorbs: 770

Herbertus was a Bone Spear Necro first and foremost. He skipped Bone Spirit until Bone Shield synergies were maxed. In hindsight I would max Bone Spirit before Bone Shield synergies. It would have been cool to have damage numbers on par with Bone Spear when Bone Spirit was preferred: against fast moving repositioners, stragglers and when firing behind corners. Even though 2,7k damage looks ok to me, it often seemed Bone Spear was just a means to get corpses for CE.

I dropped a few points into Confuse as I remembered it was good fun procced by a Delirium merc. I used Confuse as main curse, often casting it before entering a new area. Dim Vision was used against Sirens and Gloams. Decrepify was used to help merc &/ gumby and to immbilize bosses. Bone obstacles were used more seldom and didn't really become proficient with them. Boneshield was most useful in Act 3 jungles where lots of small projectiles were flying around, same was true for act 5.

Equipment & Progression
Head: Harlequin Crest, PTopaz
Armour: Skin of the Vipermagi, Ort
Shield: Homunculus, Pdiamond
Weapon: White RW in +3 Bone Spear base
Belt: Arachnid Mesh
Gloves: Trang Oul's Claws
Boots: Aldur's Advance

Amulet: Venomous Amulet of Accuracy (+3 PnB)
Rings: rares with resists, mana, fcr

Assortment of charms with +mana, FHR and resists
2 hexing skillers

Venomous Amulet of Accuracy
Required Level: 45
Fingerprint: 0xeafa4a28
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+3 to Poison and Bone Skills (Necromancer Only)
+7 to Dexterity

Viper Touch
Required Level: 16
Fingerprint: 0xf9aad46b
Item Level: 75
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+10% Faster Cast Rate
+105 to Attack Rating
+29 to Mana
Lightning Resist +10%
Level 4 Charged Bolt (30/30 Charges)

Plague Master
Required Level: 66
Fingerprint: 0xafcdab9c
Item Level: 88
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+19 to Strength
+5 to Energy
+28 to Life
All Resistances +9

Harlequin Crest
Defense: 116
Durability: 12 of 12
Required Level: 62
Required Strength: 50
Fingerprint: 0x5cb68f8
Item Level: 87
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to All Skills
All Stats +2
+120 to Life (Based on Character Level)
+120 to Mana (Based on Character Level)
Damage Reduced by 10%
74% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
1 Sockets (1 used)
Socketed: Perfect Topaz

Skin of the Vipermagi
Serpentskin Armor
Defense: 279
Durability: 23 of 24
Required Level: 29
Required Strength: 43
Fingerprint: 0x5a69efba
Item Level: 87
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to All Skills
+30% Faster Cast Rate
+120% Enhanced Defense
All Resistances +29
Lightning Resist +30%
Magic Damage Reduced by 13
1 Sockets (1 used)
Socketed: Ort Rune

Trang-Oul's Claws
Heavy Bracers
Defense: 73
Durability: 16 of 16
Required Level: 45
Required Strength: 58
Fingerprint: 0xc9320cdc
Item Level: 87
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Curses (Necromancer only)
+20% Faster Cast Rate
+25% to Poison Skill Damage
+30 Defense
Cold Resist +30%

Aldur's Advance
Battle Boots
Defense: 40
Durability: 14 of 18
Required Level: 45
Required Strength: 95
Fingerprint: 0x13145c26
Item Level: 87
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+40% Faster Run/Walk
+50 to Life
+180 Maximum Stamina
Heal Stamina Plus 32%
Fire Resist +49%
10% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
Set (2 items): +15 to Dexterity
Set (3 items): +15 to Dexterity
Set (4 items): +15 to Dexterity

Arachnid Mesh
Spiderweb Sash
Defense: 136
Durability: 12 of 12
Required Level: 80
Required Strength: 50
Fingerprint: 0x11228f9b
Item Level: 87
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to All Skills
+20% Faster Cast Rate
Slows Target by 10%
+116% Enhanced Defense
Increase Maximum Mana 5%
Level 3 Venom (11/11 Charges)

Grim Wand
One Hand Damage: 5 - 11
Durability: 15 of 15
Required Level: 35
Fingerprint: 0xc282d51a
Item Level: 31
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+3 to Poison and Bone Skills (Necromancer Only)
+20% Faster Cast Rate
+2 to Bone Spear (Necromancer Only)
+4 to Skeleton Mastery (Necromancer Only)
+3 to Bone Armor (Necromancer Only)
+3 to Bone Spear (Necromancer Only)
Hit Causes Monster to Flee 25%
+10 to Vitality
+13 to Mana
Magic Damage Reduced by 4
2 Sockets (2 used)
Socketed: Dol Rune
Socketed: Io Rune

Hierophant Trophy
Defense: 189
Chance to Block: 52
Durability: 19 of 20
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 58
Fingerprint: 0x6c3de449
Item Level: 87
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Curses (Necromancer only)
+2 to Necromancer Skill Levels
+30% Faster Block Rate
40% Increased Chance of Blocking
+167% Enhanced Defense
+20 to Energy
Regenerate Mana 33%
All Resistances +59
+5 to Mana after each Kill
1 Sockets (1 used)
Socketed: Perfect Diamond

I found a +3 Bone Spear wand pretty early on after my restart. I didn't even have the runes for White at the time. After finding a +3 PnB amulet and Vipermagi back to backish it was made clear I needed to make a Bonemancer.

Herbertus was all melee until level 20. This was when some of the +mana twinks enabled him to switch to full time rail gunning. Rest of normal was smooth sailing on p8 (p1 for act bosses). Magefists, Spirit, Vipermagi and Lore were equipped as soon as possible. Experimented with White at earliest possible level of 36 but the switch from Spirit caused severe mana issues. I stuck with Spirit for a good while. Another issue with White is, it's a PnB trick pony. Curse duration drops vs Spirit or any other common unique necro wand with +2 skills. In act1 NM Herbertus got his hands on some mana charms, Frostburns and Gloom's Trap and was finally able to handle White. To keep the 75 FCR breakpoint he was already accustomed with, Herb went back to the trustworthy Wall of the Eyless. Yes, I am still Lidless Wall less (come on Mephisto).

Was going to level him to the standard 70+ in NM, but entered Hell at level 67 by a miss click, and thought what the hell. Slapped on Aldurs boots, a diamonded Moser's and a Credendum for resist and started my merry P1 way through Hell. Oh this was Herb's headgear for most of Hell:

Death Cowl
Defense: 32
Durability: 30 of 30
Required Level: 67
Fingerprint: 0xf4c94966
Item Level: 87
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Necromancer Skill Levels
+24 to Strength
+25 to Life
Cold Resist +30%
+5 to Mana after each Kill

By the time of death of Andariel, Herbertus was level 72. At some point my MF sorceress produced a Homunculus and Moser's was quickly stashed away. Herb reached level 80 in WSK and equipped Arachnid Mesh and Shako for the last stretch.

Herb enjoyed the company of the Fire Rogue (forgot name) appointed to him. I had made a Harmony Diamond Bow for reasons not so clear to me, but it was put to good use by (name). Things to note: Vigor doesn't apply to you in town when the bow is on a merc. And in the field I would often outrun her and then not have Vigor anymore. Even so, Harmony was a potent weapon and as long as Gumby was tanking we were a good sniper team with (name). In act 4 Nightmare Gumby with one point investment didn't really cut it anymore and the constant recasting was a pain. With a tear in his eye Herb took (name) to the slaver in Act 2 and traded her for a drunken former town guard (cheap) specialized in freezing. The former town guard (other name) was a bit of a troubled soul but with some given Insight he soon became as another person. Meditating on the fly while stabbing monsters. Herb had no mana issues after that. Other gear for merc was trust worthy standard issue set of Tal's mask and Duriel's Shell. Insight was in non eth Bill, so for bosses and Ancients he was given a damage-setup consisting of 'ShaelShael' Bonehew and Guillames for crushing blow. For Baal he used an 'EthShaelAmn' Hone Sundan. I just realized he had no life leach against the ancients, no wonder he died... :)

Random thoughts
Herb ended up with a bit too much tricks up his sleeves. With Confuse, Dim Vision, Decrepify, Bone wall, Bone prison, Corpse explosion, Bone shield and Clay golem there was not a situation he couldn't get out of. In theory. In practice the the best skill for the sitation was seldom the one chosen. Or rather there were completely different possible ways to handle things and I ended up mixing curses and bone obstacles. I was forgetting key placements of the more seldom used utilities. I didn't feel in control. I began to really appreciate the genious simplicity of a Fishymancer: one curse, CE, replenish army when needed. A cursless route could be optimal for a Bonemancer to keep things simple and themed: using Bone walls and prisons to keep enemies at bay. I might respec and give it a go. Something that could also help is getting the next FCR breakpoint. Often I felt I did just the right moves but Herb just wasn't responding in time, "lagging" and skipping a curse here and a CE there.

Bone spear is very similar to Magic Arrow (with piercing). What has this got to do with anything? Well I have tried to make a bow wielding barb with Witchwild String before and have plans to remake and actually pat him. It's just that if 2,7k magic damage feels it just cuts it on P1, how well will the barb do..

Lem from Hellforge, lots of Hel runes, a curses skiller, Death's belt, Crown of Ages (minutes after equipping Herberts only gear with MF: Shako), Warshrike., These cool rare boots:

Dread Nails
Scarabshell Boots
Defense: 111
Durability: 7 of 14
Required Level: 49
Required Strength: 91
Fingerprint: 0x8aa0ba95
Item Level: 83
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+30% Faster Run/Walk
+10% Faster Hit Recovery
+15 to Attack Rating
+69% Enhanced Defense
+13 Maximum Stamina
Lightning Resist +37%
+1 to Light Radius

Future Plans
P1 WSK seems ok with the right spwans. Could try some MF there. And I would like to try how 125 FCR feels. And I need to slap on some other armor, that blue Vipermagi hew on a necro is just awful imho.
Congrats! Definitely try going 125 fcr! All those wooshes..
Yeah, my own bone necro is level 89 right now(going for UT 99er) and still not patted but bone spear really seems to be about softening some mobs while a merc kills so you can ce chain. I have had some reasonable success in flayer jungle at p7 after respeccing to 1 pt gumby (gm and sum res), 1 pt amp, 1 pt ce, rest in bone skills which nets about 3200 dmg spear. Nice write up, still a versatile and generally safe character :) also p7 ruined temple is good too.
An update:
Aquired a Spirit and respecced to wear it. Still have Confuse and Decrepify, but now with only 1 hard point. Switched around keyes: Bone Prison and wall now next to each other.
- 125FCR is AWESOME. :)
- now I find the skills required to sort the situation better.
- Pat being done, gaming feels more relaxed
- I realized it wasn't the Vipermagi blue hew that bothered my eye, it was the Homunculus..

Homunculus -> Spirit meant resist went drastically down. So scraped some charms from other chars. Now at comfortable 70+ light and fire res. An unexpected bonus: when stealing my mf sorcs charms I found she had a Barb combat skiller in her inventory which I have no recollection of finding. :D She can have worn that for months.

Thanks for the replies all. Will sure test flayer jungle and the ruined temple!
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Yeah, my own bone necro is level 89 right now(going for UT 99er) and still not patted but bone spear really seems to be about softening some mobs while a merc kills so you can ce chain. I have had some reasonable success in flayer jungle at p7 after respeccing to 1 pt gumby (gm and sum res), 1 pt amp, 1 pt ce, rest in bone skills which nets about 3200 dmg spear. Nice write up, still a versatile and generally safe character :) also p7 ruined temple is good too.

The build is also probably one of the best for crazy people who want to run Maggot Lair.
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