Patriarch Amphetamine – Fanatical Grief Zealer (1.13)


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Mar 18, 2020
Patriarch Amphetamine, Zealer

Level: 87

St – 106 (132)
Dx – 136 (157)
Vt – 273 (332)
En – 15 (17)

HP 1487
Mana 379


Fire: 75
Cold: 75
Ltning: 75
Poison: 75


Zeal: 20 (27)
Sacrifice: 20 (27)
Holy Shield: 20 (29 – after switch)
Fanaticism: 20 (24)
Cleansing: 10 (13)
Vengeance 1(8)

Prerequisites 1


AR: 7147
Dam: 794 – 1196 Attack speed topped out

Defence: 12,485 with 75% block (after Holy Shield)


Weapon 1:

“Grief” Phase Blade
“Um” HoZ

Weapon 2:

Herald of Blessed Light
“Um” HoZ

“Um” Harly
“Duress” Archon Plate
Laying of Hands
Gore Rider
Verdungo's Hearty Cord
Atma’s Scarab
Raven Frost & Crafted with dual leach & AR

Merc (Act 1 – Fire)

“Um” Eth Shaftstop
“Harmony” Blade Bow

Random musings:

With a Grief Phase Blade burning a hole in my pocket, I decided it was time to take it out and give it an airing. I wanted something both speedy (hence the name) and that used an Act 1 merc, so the Fanatical Zealer with Harmony Rouge Scout was born. I used a number of sceptres to level until I got to the Herald of Blessed Light and that stayed with me until I equipped my Grief; it was still ripping through monsters even then and could have worked well for a while longer! I had planned to pump up Vengeance to deal with the PIs, but the ctc AmpDam on Atma’s and the reasonable amount of elemental damaged that I was doing per hit meant that it was never used, even against unbreakable PIs. I ended up dropping the points into Cleansing just to get rid of the curses quickly and I used it often enough to make the investment worthwhile. So, how did the build play? Like dynamite! I was running /P8 pits looking for some decent bows for runewords and I was slicing through everything, especially when AmpDam kicked in. Harmony’s Vigour meant I was flying along, Zeal mean I was hitting fast and Fanaticism meant I was hitting hard; great fun. One thing I have noticed coming back to D2 is the small hit box that creatures have, the amount of times ran past a monster was crazy.

Edit: (The missing bit)

I had only one death and that was to my own stupidity; I've been playing a lot of PoE lately and I have a different keyboard layout. The only time I faced any serious damage, muscle memory kicked in and the rest was history. The run to Hell Baal was a little hairy with lots of Gloams and little explody guys. I found an Ist in LK, which was nice. Talking of runes, the Hell Forge is cursed for me; I get better rune from nightmare!!!

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Mar 14, 2020
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Congrats @TheNix, you are catching up to Max! Your P/M threads are always straight to the point. Leaves more time for playing the game! ;)

I do appreciate the photographic documentation of Amphetamine's journey! (nice name BTW). It paints a vivid picture! :ROFLMAO:
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Mar 18, 2020
Congrats @TheNix, you are catching up to Max! Your P/M threads are always straight to the point. Leaves more time for playing the game! ;)

Well, actually when I copy and pasted in the document I left out a couple of sentences. :confused: I've added them to the above for completion sake.

Congratulations on the Patriarch. Any reason you didn’t go for Guillaume’s Face in particular? Interesting choice in Cleansing too.

I thought about it, and the extra FHR would have taken me up a breakpoint, but I went for the extra life/mana and skills instead. I like Cleaning, it cleans up those pesky curses before then become a pest.

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