Patriach Master Chang Freezealot


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Oct 23, 2005
Patriach Master Chang Freezealot

Well I in fact Patted this char over 2 weeks ago but I think its time I wrote a thread for him. Especially as my goldfinder is now in act5 hell and I will be Patting him soon.

Name: Master Chang
Level: 85
Version: 1.11 SC Twinked RRM/RWM on switch


20/21 holy freeze
20/21 cold esist
20/21 savation
10/12 holy shield
9/11 zeal


Guilames face socketed with 15ias/24cr jewel
Lionheart archon plate (433 defence)-a little low
40/15 dungo/ t god on switch
9ll/14str draculs
176ed gores
260ed/12sanc azurewrath/ demon limb buff on switch
4os sup kursat with 4 pdiamond 105 all resist (untill I find x3 hoz -_-)
234/15 ravenfrost
Blood Gyre ring 59atckrat/5ml/6ll/6enrg/48mana/18Lr
The mahim Oak Curio, so ewwy need a maras/metalgrid
121ar/22life gc
1 combat skills gc
89ar/32life gc
5max/32ar/2dex lc
131ar/20gf gc
10Cr sc
20life 10Lr sc
17life 8Pr sc
2dex 11Cr
100 pdsc
5fhr 12ar sc

Well Well, my first Pat and melle char on Sp. Was very fun at the start, this character totaly rips norm and nm to piecies. Then sudenly you hit hell and your in your late 70's and dont have your lvl 85 req weapon equiped. I think my main problem was relyinging on Cb and not having a powerfull enough melle zeal. I had to run Ancient Tunnels at p5 from 78-85 which was so tiresome and made me start to hate this character. I found ome intresting charms with this character tho 33life combat barb and a 6 dex combat barb. Ancients were a breeze, gloams with tgods were no problem ( still havent done Anya in hell) and the hardest part was probably chaos sanc. I heard a myth that azurewrath stops IM from hurting you, Im so glad I didnt rely on that with a hc char. IM kinda wishing I made a zealot now, there like my favourite outta the zealing class, plus there much more versatile. I now have a lvl 91 blizzer, 88 lightzork, 85 frezzalot, 78 GF Barb and a few new projects coming through 19 ww sin/18 hammerdin/16 barb sword and shield ww. IM still heavily debating what char I wanna take to lvl 99, I really dont wanna take a hammerdin thats for sure. On realm I made a lvl 93 trapper which was ok, Im not sure what kind of gear you will need to solo baal runs at above p5 but Im pretty sure infnity is a must. Well until then Ive put a hold on most things, my blizzer has stopped pindling for a little while shes only on like just below 2k runs, my lightzork has stopped pits and is exculsivly running Lk and my Gf barb is doing nm trav and collecting plain skillers for my next build. Im thinking on starting two new threads. One being a intense breakdon on a week of Lking and the other being an idea for a Goldfinding tournement. Not sure if your all bored of reading my broken up English yet but I finally want to add a question. Im going to stay with the family for a week of xmas and was wondering if theres a sticky on how to transfer files so I can play it there. To do this I will copy them noto my mp3 or email or w/e. Just wodnering how I stop them becoming duped chars etc. Wow this is a huge paragraph, Im also going to start a hc character soon most probably a classic hc char. Is there actually any classic players in the SPF? Plus i dont see much of a hc comunity about these days were you all hiding? Well back to the build, I might come back to this character when im horribly rich, stick on a nightwing, hoj(lolzors) and a passion on the merc or maybe I wont. Im not going to proof read so sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes.
Congrats on the Pat :thumbsup:

To transfer him to another comp the only file you need is the d2s. e.g. Master Chang.d2s
Well my gear was full sigons/ civerbs wep. Thinking back on it generals flail would ahve been better, in fact anything with stupidly fast attack spped and other nice mods. As for before lvl 85 and weapons. MY first was a 5os ettin axe with 1xamn and 4xshael. This thing never seemed to hit and broke like evry 5 seconds so i soon stashed it. After that it was good old baranastar, ok speed, nice ar mod and nice other mods and damage. That worked reasonably well but was till painfull. Im thinking of trying my new toy on this character for some sick damage. I made an eth cryptic sword oath which has 60-4xx damage. Its stupidly fast and the damage increase would work nicely. On the other hand a crush blow weapons like asterons or heavens light would be a nice item to try out. For cold imunes I just had to bite my tonuge and kill them slowly. Its suprising how most of thm were no trouble, bloodlord were tricky but there always bulked up for melle dmg. I would return to this character but I cant think of a good use for it until i figure a way of getting up my dmg, atatck rating and IM counter. If I can do that I will attempt baal running it.
Infinity is a dream :tongue: for most, esp. those vanilla, of us :grin: , not a must.

Just take all of your savefiles with you, and then place all of them back when you return, overwriting the old files, that's all.
blessed aim merc with bonehew, duriels or eth duress i forget and rockstopper. Merc died to easily in p5 tunnels so i gave up on reviving early on. Thing is i love reapers on merc, but i love life tap even more. IMO bonehew has no crowd control for a merc and when faced with lightning mages and amped/mighted/fanted invader he satnds no chance, with only holy freeze micro avaliable.
Im also going to start a hc character soon most probably a classic hc char. Is there actually any classic players in the SPF?
Congratulations on the Frostalot! There are some Classic SPF players (me, for example, though I play more LoD than Classic at the moment with all these tournaments going on...)

I've had several Frostalots but never gone for the pure cold route- usually I do Fanaticism for cold immunes, and run away from CI/PI monsters. Some CI/PIs will work out OK if you or your merc has a CtC Amp weapon. I found I could "feel" cold-resistant monsters as being harder to kill and there were pleny of them in Hell. Unfortunately, cold resists for cold immune monsters are too high for a Lower Resist wand to have any effect, which is why I like going with some physical damage instead of pure cold. The Sacrifice synergy and more Zeal investment help all the time with physical damage, so it helps with life leech when you are using either HF or Fanat.

yeh, i always go for pureists out of habbit both my sorcs are pureists aswell. I think ill start my hc classic early February, but dont hold me to that. I played a fair bit of realm hc classic and sc classic and know how hard it is to solo level. I think realistically the only builds i could do is a hammerdin and a extremely well made necro. I could make a ww baba but woulod be resricted to flayer lvling, which again will mean an unrealistic attempt at getting a good level. Someone should do a classic hc tourny soon to seperate the men from the boys :shocked:
I would return to this character but I cant think of a good use for it until i figure a way of getting up my dmg, atatck rating and IM counter. If I can do that I will attempt baal running it.

IM is a serious problem for all physical melee damage builds. There are at least two reasonable ways for a zealot to manage:

1) A low damage weapon so you can not worry about IM. I like the Diggler (fast, ITD) or an elemental damage wand.

2) Throwing weapons- Glimmershred is great, and if you have Conviction it's great as an option for Cold Immunes.

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