passion assassin?


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Dec 29, 2007
passion assassin?

Hello! im mostly full time amazon player but ive played neromancer's and assassin's in past now ive made riftkicker using the guide made by Ava. it looked awesome on paper and was untill i enered hell mode. i really dont know what ive been doing wrong since it has almost every item recommended to it: guillanes face,fortitude,upped gore's etc dmg is just pathetic takes 3 times to use dtalon on a act 5 monters to kill it, one dtalon kicks about 5-6 times and its only to one monster so it feels that the FO and hellfire storm does all the killing while zeal hits to all surrounding monsters makes nice dmg and still i got that hellfire storm there to do some extra dps.
So my real question is: has anyone ever tested passion assassin build, is it any good, can it kill things in worldstone keep without dying 8 times per run and is there guide anywhere? didnt see any in assassin builds/guides thread. thanks!

(ps. sorry if there's any bad ingrish/typos =/ )
Re: passion assassin?

A Zeal sin would just be a weaker DTalon sin.

You get less damage, less leech, less AR, less focused-fire.
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