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Nov 30, 2004

Hey guys. Just got back into HC recently on Expansion (USEast) and It's been fun so far, I got referred to this forum so I joined in, and I was wondering if anyone would like to party and level and stuff sometime? I currently have a lvl 20 Shockadin I am building. He's been so good so far, he's in A2 almost to Duriel. So yea, if you wanna level, my accnt name is SeCtoR so just message me. Hope you game with some of you!

Welcome to the HC forum!!! Enjoy your stay. I am sure yuo will meet many nice people here. There are often untwinked groups starting and thats a good way to make some new friends.

*Doesn't punch SeCtoR in the throat or pull down his pants....cause that's not nice* :p
Haha, thanks. Well, I am jumping online right now, so if anyone wants to game with me with my lvl 20 shockadin or make a new character, just message me. Name is same as this forum name and any other name.

HeyHey Sector...I am just returning from a vacation I took from Diablo. I play Hardcore UsEast Ladder...You didn't mention if you were a ladder char or not...if you did i must've just missed it...anywho I just accidently made a thread looking for people to quest with...and didn't see this thread...I have a little bit of time tonight....if you want...and I have all day saturday and alot after school. If you want to I am up for it. account name is *Riebz

Btw I am level 19 cold sorce

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