paraMore Mondaily


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Jan 12, 2007
paraMore Mondaily

why paraMore mondaily?

Last night, Paramore performed here in Helsinki and the show was pure awesome! And there's nothing do with the fact that my biggest celebrity crush is Hayley Williams :whistling:

And you swedish forumites, I hope you're going to see them tonight in Stockholm!

RL: Had very nice weekend, even I was working, but the evenings made everything awesome! This one girl is making me smiling all the time :) and I met some old friends from school and of course Paramore!

Boss called me, my job contract gets few months extension and I got a raise! Life is good again :)

D2: No way jose, no time for games any time soon..
Re: paraMore Mondaily

Never heard of that band before. Even though I'm in Stockholm, I guess there'll be no concert for me :)

RL: Table tennis practice tonight. Bought a new racket this weekend, will be interesting to test it out. Otherwise not much.

D2: Might reequip the goldfinder and take him out for some Travincal fun now that he's gained one more level at least. Otherwise some LK.
Re: paraMore Mondaily

Glad you had fun, Neks!

RL: Finished first night of work this week, and BOY was it horrible. We had just finished a three-day weekend, I hadn't gotten enough sleep, I can't visit the SPF, I'm lusting after new unattainable gaming rigs... but the worst of it all was that this was the first time all of us had been together since one of my co-workers died. SO uncomfortable.

Speaking of a gaming rig, I've started to consider selling my projector to get some funds for the project. I probably wouldn't get a ton for it, though. I'll keep it as an open option regardless.

Just had some greasy burgers, so between that and the night at work I won't be moving much this morning. Gotta pay rent and do a load of laundry, but that's it.

D2: Maybe. Nothing important if I do.

OVG: Maybe. Streets of Rage Remake, Xenosaga, KOTOR, NFS: Most Wanted... lotsa options.
Re: paraMore Mondaily

RL: woke up, made coffee, shave, shower, paid bills

Now, drinking coffee and foruming

Upcoming: garbage out, recycling run, pay rent, return a letter that the apartment people sent to the previous tenant (it fills me with confidence that the landlords have no idea who lives here. . . ), brief grocery run, food, probably continue working on the novel (50,170+ already, and I expect ~80K before it's finished), maybe a nap, likely some beers to celebrate bill-paying, some hulu, etc.

D2: N/A
Re: paraMore Mondaily

RL: Need moar caffeine nao... I need to make arrangements for a business trip today and I haven't a clue as to what I really need to arrange. I'm hoping OD'ing on caffeine will give me a clue.

D2: Dunno, chance of probable with a slight maybe.

OVG: Phone Tag.
Re: paraMore Mondaily

@TRM:My vote goes for KOTOR, i simply love this game, i've played it from beginning to end ten times at least...KOTOR 2 was very good aswell :thumbsup:

Btw.: Is there someone, who can sugest me another SW based game except
KOTORs, Jedi Outcast, Academy, SW Rebellion (this one is pretty old, but very enjoyable :whistling:) and EaW?No swoop races though...

Thanks :thumbsup:

RL:Sitting at work, impatiently waiting for shifts end :coffee:

D2: Probably continue with GWE Naimea, some more MF Pindle runs with Grom (did another batch of 2k runs which i've never reported, i want to do this after 5k runs)...

OVG: Not sure, although recent talk about KOTOR is very tempting...
Re: paraMore Mondaily

@RIP: I found the space battles in Battlefront2(IIRC) quite interesting.

Or you could always do like me and replay Jedi Academy one more time.
Re: paraMore Mondaily

Thanks for the tip, Pijus :thumbsup:

As for the Academy + Outcast, thats what i did couple of times :whistling:
Re: paraMore Mondaily

RL: Just got back from school. Gotta go to work later.

D2: Hoping to start a new char today (blowa). Other than that, AT all the way.
Re: paraMore Mondaily

RL: First day in ENT department. Nothing worth today. Perhaps tommorow

D2: Planning for TWD tourney... Can't wait to get started
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