pally's gear


Nov 19, 2006
pally's gear

guys, some questions:

1. wats the best armor to put Coh? (dusk shroud, archon plate)
2. wats the best shield to put exile?
3. for CTA, does that mean u can use any 5 soc weap? even weak ones?
4. which is better? exile or HoZ? wat about i use exile for uber, and hoz for the rest?

thnka you
1) It's up to you, and how much strength you have. Dusk Shroud, Wyrmhide, Scarab Husk and Archon Plate are the best choices, but Boneweave just looks soooooooo much better on a Pally, you wont be disappointed with a Boneweave.
2) Usually it's an ethereal Vortex Shield. Use the Search function, there have been whole threads on this one question.
3) Yep, anything with 5 sockets. Low damage/requirement ones are the best, such as Flails, Crystal Swords, Double Axes, War Scepters... I've heard of Javazons using CTA bows on switch, to kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak.
4) Why not just use HoZ for all? Or Exile for all? I prefer HoZ myself, but I'll leave that decision to you.

EDIT: Fortitude pwns CoH if you play Ladder. Don't even consider CoH when there's Fortitude to be had.
1) i like pallys in AP as they look cool but way too normal

2) depends what u want, if highest block and lower def, then ST, if going highest smite dmg then go eth zak, if going for highest def but more str req, then use eth vortex

3) eth cs, flails are best, but if u can find a sceptor w/ HS on it, then go ahead and use that

4) depends on build and what u want in the end for the build.
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