Pally Phoenix - So Disappointed! (Review for smiter gear)


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Aug 13, 2006
Pally Phoenix - So Disappointed! (Review for smiter gear)

[Long.. but cliff notes on the bottom :laugh:]

I made a Pally phoenix yesterday in a 44 Res Kurast Shield (381% ed roll) for my Smiter for Dclone and the Ubers, and while it kills them just as fast as my upped HoZ (probably a little faster), I am still really disappointed in this shield because it could be so much more effective.

So what exactly is the problem with it?

The delay between smites due to the casting of firestorm. I thought the Firestorm would be similar to the Firestorm casting on the Hellfire Torch, but there's a one second delay for the next smite to cast Firestorm and I had to find this out the hard way. Each Smite definately does do about 3x more damage, but it's really annoying to wait for firestorm to cast and to get pounded on while waiting for it. :cry:

Overall I think it is faster to kill the Ubers with its 350-400% Enhanced Damage (which helps tremendously to get that final killing blow) and it does make a nice shield for Ubering with it's +10 Max Fire Res and +5 Max Light Res, which gives me 87/77/82/75 Res. But the one second delay after every 2-3 Smites is just really friggin' annoying.

If the Firestorm was like the firestorm from a torch, this shield would be far better than Exile or an Upped HoZ due to its massive damage and +Max res to fire and lightning. It still takes them out just as fast, but you'll be finding yourself yelling at the screen because your dumb Pally has decided to cast a weak firestorm which does absolutely no damage to the Ubers instead of Smiting which deals like 100x more damage. :rolleyes: I also worry throughout the casting that my Pally will die while doing something so stupid, as you cannot Smite on the lifetapped minions during this casting as mentioned earlier.

So to sum things up, I hope my hard lesson learned will save you from wasting 4 HRs on this shield, when an Upped HoZ or Exile will do the same job and leave you a lot less pissed off at your Pally.

Overall Rating: 7.5 / 10. Ok for ubers. Not recommended for PvP (40% firestorm chance is kinda high)

Positives: Massive damage, provides awesome resists if you have it in a 40+ res pally shield. Overall, a FAST killer even with the firestorm delay.

: Big one here... the firestorm delay! Much more easier to die because of this. While the only real negative, its very annoying and you cannot get your lost life back from lifetap, since the Firestorm casting prevents you from smiting.
Wow, that sucks. You're saying that your pally stops swingin so he can cast the stupid spell. And did you say it does 3x more damage? That doesn't make sense to me. But good to know. I was wondering about Phoenix.
Exactly. You stop swinging your shield as a ring of fire goes down your body before the casting of Firestorm. It is not like the hellfire torch casting at ALL.

I thought the shield would be the ultimate shield for ubers with the 400% enhanced damage and the +max fire resist and +max light resist, but the delay really takes away from it.

If they got rid of the delay, I would give the shield an 11/10. Seriously. Also, I dont know for sure that it does 3x more damage since I do not have #'s, but I do know it does pack a much bigger punch per smite and getting that last blow in on Dclone and the Ubers was much easier with it. I took them down in about the same amount of time as I would with an Upped HOZ even with the delays (seemed like less time, but again I don't have #'s for time).
Yeah, I have heard it is a good smite vs smite shield.. havnt tested that out myself yet.

Basically I just wanted to try it for Ubers since some stickied guide on "the other site" mentioned it as the best for Dclone/Ubers.
Yeah, I made this shield for my cow running javazon. I thought it would be perfect with the auto-redemption, but I couldn't kill anything because I was casting the stupid firestorm all of the time. Oh well, hope you feel it wasn't a waste of your runes.
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