Pally MERC Question


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Aug 17, 2006
Pally MERC Question

Hey i use pally merc from act 2, he uses eth fort, and a good eth insight, becuz i like to do alot of runs and stuff, he uses insight aura, but i was wonderin....can mercs use more then one aura????? if i give him dream and insight, will he be using his insight,holy shock(from dream) and defiance(base aura). or will he juss use one at a time ???? need to know asap plz :(
In theory, the merc would use all three auras simultaneously.

However, in practice, the act 2 merc can only have 1 additional aura active at one time. When you put an insight on him, and then a dream, he will have holy shock and defiance, but not the meditiation because the dream was put on last and he can only have 2 auras. Im certain its a bug, but thats the way it is. I do not know if this holds true for all mercs, but it does for act 2 mercs (and who cares about those other ones anyways ....).
Really 2 top contenders:
Act 2 Holy Freeze --- slows everything down, you take less dmg because monsters attack slower, merc survives more easily because he doesnt get hit as often.
Act 2 Defiance --- with holy shield, you will have a ton of defense and so will your merc. High level defiance mercs give you 10k+ defense, and they themselves have 25k+ with high defense armor. They can tank forever because they are rarely hit.

Personally, I love defiance. Both are good.
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