Pala build suggestions...


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Dec 13, 2009
Pala build suggestions...

I am planning to start playing Diablo LOD 1.10 after like 2 years...

I am going to play single player so there are a lot of things that i should consider before creating a pala(like half of the runewords dont work...)(yeah, i know this isnt in single player thread but i couldnt help it.. i wanted some expert opinions from fellow palas...)

But i hav done some research and i am interested in building a Zealot or Smiter...
I also want to ask u guys if Vengeance is really needed later on in the game when there r physical immune monsters or should i stick with a pure Zealot or Smiter?? (i only care about high damage...)

Here's the build
Zeal 20 pts
Sacrifice 20 pts
Holy shield 20 pts
Fanat 20 pts
Vengeance OR Defiance 20pts???
should i get rock solid defence or should i make my pala future proof by adding element damage for physical immunes... and if i am plannig to use vengeance as secondary skill and i will certainly use it with a powerful 2 hand weapon...

Smiter build :
Smite 20 pts
Holy shield 20 pts
fanat 20pts
defiance 20 pts
AND Vengeance 20 pts(again as secondary skill...)
I just care about high damage...
and another intersting build 1pt Smiter(but i am playin single player so will it be effictive???)
Zeal 20
Sacri 20
Smite 1
Holy 20
Fanat 20
Vengeance OR Defiance 20..
will his build be as powerfull as a pure smiter... what will be the approx damage difference???
looking forward for some interesting suggestions...ASAP
Re: Pala build suggestions...

I think Zeal will suit you better, Smiters only shine against bosses in PvM, and that's because of the Crushing Blow... without Grief you'll be looking at a single target attack with low damage, and it lacks crowd control. I wouldn't put 20 points in Vengeance in any of the builds, one is enough since it's just to be used as a backup.

You might also find useful putting a point in Sanctuary (or carrying an item that grants it, such as Azurewrath or the Lawbringer runeword), since when it's active your physical attacks will ignore the resistances of undeads, including physical immunities (and most PI monsters are undead).

And one last thing, you might want to check the Single Player forum for information on how to enable the ladder-only runewords in SP (RWM mod), and get one of the wonderful item managing programs (ATMA or GoMule) if you haven't done so already. Good luck!
Re: Pala build

Thnx mate for the suggestions...

Hey i thought Zeal has a lower damage output as compared to lvl 20 Smite???
I mean i saw smite damage and it ranges from 2k to 6k???(ofcourse with a good shield...)
With Zeal build i think i will be looking at 500-1k damage right??
Vengeance at lvl 1 gives 70%(3 elements..210%..)and at lvl 20 it gives 184% each (total 552%!!!!) thats actually higher than zeal or smite... if i use a (high damage)2 handed weapon with it as a secondary skill vengeance... will it work as i want it??
Hey can u pls post the link for ladder runeword and ATMA or GoMule...
Thanks again man...
Re: Pala build suggestions...

Well, it's actually the other way round, Zeal has a higher damage potential than Smite since weapon damage can get much higher than shield damage. All elite paladin shields have an average damage of 46 (46.5 in Sacred Rondanches), but even with the added damage from Holy Shield and a ton of +skills it'll top at about ~1500-2000 damage if you're not using Grief or another weapon with the +damage mod (the Redeemer or Astreon's).

Elite weapons can get much higher damage than that, and on top of that Zeal is a faster attack and benefits from Deadly Strike (which doesn't work with Smite) to double your damage output. In the same way leech, elemental damage... don't work with Smite, but do work with Zeal. The main benefit of Smite is that it ignores defense and block, so it always hits, which coupled with Crushing Blow makes it a great Boss killer. With top of the line gear it's not far fetched to be looking at an average damage in the several thousands.

You can find all the links (and additional info) here.
Re: Pala build suggestions...

So here goes my build:
20 Zeal
20 Sacrifice
20 Holy Shield
20 Fanaticism
AND 20 Defiance OR Vengeance(????)

But can u suggest some nice weapons with Deadly strike, CB and elemental dmgs... and a nice Zeal guide...:wink:
Re: Pala build suggestions...

The guides will cover the equipment suggestion, since you're probably going selffound the general rule is 'the best 1h weapon you can find' ;)

I'd start with this guide, it's old but covers a lot of choices for equipment (read all the posts, not just the first, some of them are updates of the guide). For elemental damage options this guide does a great job. And even if the Uber Tristam event isn't available for Single Player you'll find this guide interesting too, there are several item options to combine CB, DS and decent damage that work wonders against bosses and single targets, give it a read :)
Re: Pala build suggestions...

In which skill should i put the remaining 20 pts?? Vengeance or Defiance?
Should i go for elemental damage or some more solid defence?:scratchchin:
Re: Pala build suggestions...

In which skill should i put the remaining 20 pts?? Vengeance or Defiance?
Should i go for elemental damage or some more solid defence?:scratchchin:

i dont think any pala build maxes vengeance it costs too much mana
1 pt is normaly nuf

Re: Pala build suggestions...

After maxing maxing Sacrifice, Fanaticism, Zeal and Holy Shield -usually in these order- plus the mandatory points in pre and 1 point wonders, I reach level 89 with my pally with the same question.

I'm currently spending the extra points in Defiance, because I find the extra defense more useful y PvM. You can also spent in Blessed Aim because it has a hidden +5% bonus to attack ratting, if you find problems. Another people likes to spent in Resist Lightning because increases the max resist in the most dangerous elemental attack in the game.

So, Defiance, Blessed Aim or Resist Lightning, but NOT Revenge, because even maxed Revenge will not make a big difference without maxed Conviction, and there's currently a lot of weapons to deal with PI using Zeal (I'm currently using Demon Limb mace, a Duress armor in Archon Plate, Credendum belt, Laying On Hands gloves, Hwanin set crown, a near to perfect Raven Frost, Goblin Toe and a 4PD sacred shield. Even if my equipment is very modest my pally can do alone -slowly- most of the Quest in Hell until the latest quest of Act V.
Re: Pala build suggestions...

So with those weapons i can deal with PI right?
I think i will go for defiance...:thumbup:
Can anyone tell me how to enable ladder runewords in SP???
Re: Pala build suggestions...

mmm.. if you're only playin single player, i recommend a zeal/1 point smite auradin built. even in hell mode, without stacking the dmg is fine if you're playing one player, and the build covers most immunes and everything pvm related. Your main aura would be conviction though.
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