OW quistion


Nov 22, 2008
OW quistion

i wounder how much damage it does. i know at each level they do different dmg, so i wounder how much exactly it can do ( like 100-150 dmg in... 5 secs? ) for pvp and pvm.

any one knows?
Re: OW quistion

Google it?
Open Wounds

Open wounds gives a chance of making your target bleed uncontrollably. Open wounds work in a similar way to poison, in that it makes the target slowly loose life. Unlike poison however, there is no way to resist damage from open wounds.

Open wounds stack in all cases, there is only one chance to trigger a open wounds per hit. There is no cap on how high the chance to trigger a open wounds can get, but anything over 100% is a waste.

Open wounds lasts for 8 seconds. The counter is reset if you get hit with several open wounds in a short time frame, you cannot have several open wounds active on you at the same time!

The damage done depends on the level of the attacker. Damage per second is given by the following:

Character Level 1-15: 25 * (9 * Character Level + 31) / 256
Character Level 16-30: 25 * (18 * Character Level - 104) / 256
Character Level 31-45: 25 * (27 * Character Level - 374) / 256
Character Level 46-60: 25 * (36 * Character Level - 779) / 256
Character Level 61-99: 25 * (45 * Character Level - 1319) / 256

To get the total damage just multiply this number with the duration (i.e. 8 seconds).

For example, a character at level 90 would do 267 damage per second, for a total of 2136 damage.

The damage is divided by 4 if you are fighting another player in melee, and by 8 if you are fighting another player using a missile weapon.

Versus bosses and champions the damage is divided by 2.

All of this can also be found in the calculator attached at the end of this post.
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