OT: WOW question


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Jun 22, 2003
OT: WOW question

Does anyone know if items will be easy to get in wow or will there be a good trading system there like here in d2? Thanks

way better in WOW

(1) When u r in a party u can tell the computer to give items out in order, lets say there are 4 ppl in the party, u get exclusive dibs on every fourth item that drops. If its a boss , u can do it so its like lucky dip, its a lot more fun.

(2) Its easier to make items / craft them.

in regards to trade...

lol, its come a long way.

If u find an Uber item, simply goto your nearest auction house, put say 2 days on it, like u would for EBAY, then ppl from all over your realm can place bids on it.

That easy, no more going into a dodgy trade game and having access to only 2-7 bidders, u now have the entire world.

Also lets say u r a miner, and mine materials, you can use your letterbox to send goods to someone half way accross the world, and collect payment that way too.

A lot more sophisticated ;)


Guildwars is going to be better for D2 Playerz, since GW is technically Diablo III.

WOW is aimed at younger players, granted right now it has more to do, but its grossly unbalanced at the moment, or was when I last played Beta.
Do you know when GW will be coming out? Or where I can find any info/previews of it?

Guild Wars is currently due out in Feb and I do not see much of a chance of the release date being pushed up since they are still doing Beta tests (one is going this weekend if you have a pre-order). It is really nice and developed by a number of ex Blizzard employees (including the guys who created Bnet, hence how they are keepiung it free to play online).
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