OT: What are you reading?

Feb 24, 2004
What are you currently reading? What books/series do you highly recommend?

As seems to be common around these parts, I am a fantasy fan. Here are the series I am currently reading:

The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (currently on Book 10)
The only one on this list actually being read in kindle format rather than audiobook. This is my first* read-through of this series, which is kinda strange, considering how long it has been out and the fact that I am a fan of Brandon Sanderson, who finished the series off after Jordan's death. It's very good and I am also looking forward to see how the upcoming show does.​
* I technically read books 1-4 a few years ago and stopped, so I re-read these​

The Broken Earth by N. K. Jemisin
Almost finished with book 2 of 3. This is my current go-to audiobook while I'm doing LK runs. It's quite unique and am looking forward to see how it concludes.​

The Expanse by James S. A. Corey
I was a show-watcher before I heard about the books. I finished the first book a few months ago and I will definitely be reading these in the future. I love a well-written sci-fi series and this definitely fits the bill. The show is one of the most underrated sci-fi shows out there and is definitely worth your time.​

The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie
I read the first book while doing LK/Baal runs with my original 99er amazon, based on many recommendations from the OT: What TV Shows/Anime are you currently watching? thread. I will definitely continue with further books in this series and others by Abercrombie.​

These are the series I am eagerly awaiting for the next installment:

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin
I am still holding out hope that I will see Winds of Winter come out at some point in the next few years...​

The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson
I've been a huge Sanderson fan since his first novel Elantris. I can't wait for the fourth book to come out later this year!​
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Currently reading the 'Powder Mage' trilogy. Interesting concept of magic & firearms in the same world.

Highly recommended - Monarchies of God. Fast moving and not much complicated plot. Corfes' story is just heart wrenching.
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Thanks for reminding me of the Powder Mage trilogy. I remember the first book being one I have been recommended. I'll have to add it to my list of "first books in a series to purchase with audible credits" list!

I forgot to mention I am also awaiting the next book in the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss.
Currently reading The Return of the Black Company by Glen Cook. It is a bit slow at the moment, I preferred the previous books so far.

Like many others I am waiting for the next books in a Song of Fire and Ice and The Kingkiller Chronicles. I actually don't think GRR Martin will complete ASoFaI, so I hope he has decent notes. I think I have one more Black Company book after this one. Then I may start on Brandon Sanderson, or maybe another LoTR read through. I also may buddy read Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn with my daughter as she has to read it for school.
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Never actually read much fantasy, despite loving it in other mediums. I'd love to finally read LotR and Wheel of Time someday.

Currently reading Age of Myth by Michael J Sullivan (book one in the Legends of the First Empire series) and one of Chris Jericho's pro-wrestling autobiographies.
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Great selection there, @Vildecor! I really liked Broken Earth and am waiting for Kingkiller, Stormlight Archive and Martin, too.

I also love Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files - and the audio book read by James Marsters is awesome! Finally a new book in the series later this year after a 5 year hiatus or so.

I also started WoT for the first time ever. Never read it before, not sure why. Will see if it lives up to my expectations.

Oh, and I also like Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and how it is presented with the old photographs and such.
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@Grisu: I'll have to add the first Dresden Files book to my audible wish list. I've heard good things about that series as well. I think this month's credit will be going to Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay, a standalone that's supposed to be very good.

I think you'll like WoT. It took me a bit to get used to the writing style, but after a read-through of ASoIaF I was much more used to the more descriptive narrative.
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Recently finished my second read through of Armada by Cline.

Working on finishing Bruce Campbell's Hail to the Chin: Further Confession of a B movie actor and book 1 of the Sherlock Holmes vs Cthulhu: The Adventure of the Deadly Dimensions.

I also have been ready a fair amount of pulp from various authors as well.
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Nice nice nice. Wheel of time is so good. Has its quirks and cheesy moments but is overall just most complete and comfortable series out there. I also am midway through Broken Earth for the first time ever. Am near the beginning of the second book. When I was midway through the first book, I was like this is fine, but what the heck is all the hype I've heard about. Then things got crazy ;). Powder mage was pretty decent, First Law is great, but I have yet to read A Little Hatred. And I second Dresden. Definitely one of my favorites. It can be campy or cheesy sometimes but it is oh so satisfying by the time you get midway through the series. And they're just fun, shorter reads with excellent audiobooks. I'm not really a Sanderson fan at all. I read his books and think they're ok, but vastly overrated. I was very satisfied with his WoT books though.

@maxicek glad you continued with Black Company. My favorites were by far books 2 and 4 (seems like you're reading omnibus editions. I mean shadows linger and shadow games). But the end of the series is pretty great as well. Don't worry, you're in the middle of the slowest part, but it picks up.

@Vang how is armada? No spoilers please, but Ready Player One, while not even seeming that appealing to me, was one of the most fun audiobooks listens I've had. So I'd been meaning to check out Armada.

Here's my fantasy rankings list
acts of caine
black company

red rising
first law
gentlemen bastards

harry potter
his dark materials
craft sequence

night angel
powder mage
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@Luhkoh If your a fan of The Last Starfighter, I think it is a great read I can manage to read in in a day as it isn't super heavy and keeps the flow rather nicely. Compared to RPO both books are great (RPO movie was so far from the book it saddened me, but it was okay in its own right) but I could read Armada once a year and be content.
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(kidding of course. sort of..)

I myself just re-read the LoTR series, accompanied by reading through the Atlas of Middle Earth, as well as the Art of the Lord of the Rings. Both were absolutely fantastic and I strongly recommend them to any LotR junkies out there.

As for non-LotR related reading, I prefer dystopian novels for the most part. I just picked up and started the Silo series. So far only ~100 pages in to the first book but I am hooked already.
@Pb_pal haha yeah that's an opinion sure to ruffle some feathers. I very much appreciate lotr for its influence and historical significance within the genre (not to mention the crazy linguistics that went into it). And I often enjoy books that are a slower read. But I reread lotr for the first time in quite a while like a year ago... and just didn't find it that interesting. If that discredits my book tastes entirely, I understand :p.
I haven’t read it since just before The Fellowship came out in the cinemas - just checked and found that was 19 years ago :oops:

I have seen the films several times since, so want to re-read the source material as I feel I now remember the film version. I also saw the Tolkien movie on TV, so that rekindled my interest.

But generally I prefer the darker stuff. Michael Moorcock’s Elric is a particularly favourite from the old school, but Joe Abercrombie is my favourite of the current authors. Especially since he actually finishes writing books. Not really Fantasy from a traditional sense, but Neil Gaiman is also great.

I’m into SciFi too, a big fan of Frank Herbert, Iain M Banks, William Gibson & Neal Stephenson.
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Over thelast few days i have read/finished Phillip Pullman's secret commonewealth, a book on the secret warriors of WW1, a 30 page novela from Matthew Reilly cos of Covid, a book called dark matter and the dinsoaurs, and shortly Matthew Reilly's the great zoo of china.

Means i need to select a new bed book and a work/sofa book as i like to have two on the go. Bed book is usually non fiction as they are easier to put down. Current Goodreads stats say i am er 18 books out of 30 target for the year done and also 8 books ahead of schedule
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I also love Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files - and the audio book read by James Marsters is awesome! Finally a new book in the series later this year after a 5 year hiatus or so.

TWO Dresden books this year! Apparently Peace Talks was so long, he's splitting it into two. I'm super excited! Goldtru is a big Dresden fan as well.

Any love out there for the Iron Druid series? I really like it. Also, Benedict Jacka's "Alex Verus" series is exceptional.
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My reading is mostly a big younger genre, mostly because I try to keep up with my kids so we can all talk about the same things.

I just finished the 2nd and 3rd books of Brandon Mull's Dragonwatch series. Also recently read Veronica Roth's Carve the Mark series (even if I did read it because of kids, I really enjoyed this series).

Currently listening to Brisingr from Christopher Paolini's Inheritance cycle when i run. Mostly because I'm having trouble getting books from the library at the moment and I have most of these in my possession.

Waiting on the next Game of Thones book and the third book in Orson Scott Card's second Formic wars.

I guess that leave what I'm currently reading. I'm not sure. I'm on book 4 of the WoT but its feeling a little repetitive at the moment. Not really sure what I'm going to read next.
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TWO Dresden books this year! Apparently Peace Talks was so long, he's splitting it into two. I'm super excited! Goldtru is a big Dresden fan as well.
Wow, that's wild! Thanks for the heads up, haven't noticed! And WTF - cinematic book trailer?!?!
Any love out there for the Iron Druid series? I really like it. Also, Benedict Jacka's "Alex Verus" series is exceptional.
Yeah, Drystan recommended it two or three years ago - I really liked it! The tone is much like Dresden Files, but the setting is different enough to make it interesting. I like the Dresden Files a bit more, but Iron Druid is still a great read (or listen - the audiobooks are quite good, too) for anyone who likes fast paced action fantasy.

Also, the Chronicles of Amber is great and I recommend it very much. To depart from classic fantasy: Neuromancer is quite good, too.

@Luhkoh: Yeah, LOTR is very slow paced compared to newer fantasy, that's why I ditched it after the first 60 pages when I was 15 years old (tried to read it in English back then, which complicated matters...) A decade later and with better English skills, I came to like it though. It is fascinating, how the first book encompasses a timeline of a some years, the second book a few weeks and the final volume only 3 days (this is from memory - the time frames might not be accurate). This leads to a rising arc of suspense and is masterfully done, IMHO. On a side note: It is interesting to see, how storytelling not only in books but also films (even more so probably) has changed: Has anyone recently seen the old Karate Kid movie? It is sooooo slow compared to newer films.
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@Noodle I think I listened to the first 3 books in Iron Druid. By the third it was feeling a bit repetitive and I dropped off on them, but was really enjoying them for a bit there. The dog was hilarious.
@Grisu Chronicles of Amber is definitely on my list. I've heard only good things.
Chronicles of Amber is good, though its been awhile since I read any of it...I like Roger Zelazny's other works as well...

Found myself rereading the Well World books by Jack Chalker earlier this year, and enjoyed them a lot

Anyone else tried The Long Earth series by Terry Prachett and Steven Baxter? I thought they were pretty good...

Also really enjoyed the Gate Theif series by Orson Card

Finally, if you like a bit of romance in your stories, the Sharing Knife series by Lois Bujold is quite good...I find myself wishing for more stories (or a good RPG system) set in that world...

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I just couldn't let this go longer without a nod to the Hitchhiker's series... Towel Day is coming up shortly.

On fantasy series':
The Hobbit + LotR by J.R.R. Tolkien is required reading. The Silmarillion is highly reccomended if you like those. Also The Children of Hurin, The Fall of Gondolin, and The Lay of Leithian in thier extended novel form are excellent.

The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (& Brandon Sanderson) is only a step below.

I am currently re-reading through the Recluse series by L.E. Modesitt Jr.
Always liked Gaurdians of the Flame series by Joel Rosenburg (that said, I never have read the last book... I should probably do that)
Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn by Tad Williams
Exiles by Melanie Rawn (unfinished... presumably forever :( )
A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin (obviously...)
Legacy of the Drow, or pretty much anything by R.A. Salvatore
Dragonstone by Dennis L. McKiernan

Fiction novels:
Animal Farm & 1984 by George Orwell
Creation by Gore Vidal
Utopia by Thomas Moore
Anthem by Ayn Rand (or if you can stand it, Moralia by Plutarch is essentially the same philosophy, just non-prose, and less preachy)

A Brief History of Time by Leonard Moldinow & Stephen Hawking
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig
The Art of War by Sun Tzu
The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff
Angela's Ashes, 'Tis, & Teacher Man by Frank McCourt
I'm Not Really Here by Tim Allen

I'll stop before I just list out the whole damned library...
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