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OT: The Daily Thread

Mar 13, 2020
RL: Waiting for my Covid-19 test results to come back, sort of nervous. I got sick on Tuesday the 23rd with fever, chills, dizziness, body aches, head aches, but curiously no respiratory issues. So I have quarantined myself to my house.
Going a little stir crazy not being able to go outside but what can you do.

D2: Working on my Mathematicians Sept/Budget Gear the characters are all themed after famous mathematicians and some of them grew up in poor households so its only fitting that they use "poor" gear. My fury druid is eating everything so far and the HC chars have collected almost every item that can drop in normal. I like Normal Baal runs and I've done at least 1.3K so far split up between different characters. Looking forward to making a HC Javazon and might even take her to 99. Not sure if I'm up for the time commitment just yet though.

OVG: Been splitting my time between Witcher 3 GOTY and Morrowind(Original not ESO)
Mar 14, 2020
RL: Waiting for my Covid-19 test results to come back, sort of nervous. I got sick on Tuesday the 23rd with fever, chills, dizziness, body aches, head aches, but curiously no respiratory issues. So I have quarantined myself to my house.
Going a little stir crazy not being able to go outside but what can you do.
That doesn't sound good. Many people have tested positive without any respiratory symptoms. Glad you chose to self quarantine.
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Mar 14, 2020
yikes @hackedagainanda I hope you're doing okay, and definitely agree that it was a good decision to be safe and protect others. Fingers crossed, either on negative or that you recover quickly if positive. Stay safe!


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Dec 24, 2019
RL: My youngest had to carve gargoyles in soap bars for school work. No help or influence from dad here....

D2: Running Trav with my barb for RW grail until he hits 93. Currently the XP bar is at about 70%

OVG: A bit of the new Fortnite season on the iPad.
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Mar 18, 2020
RL: Yup, i have new neighbours. Foreigners. Polish i'm guessing. They seemed nice, but i really don't like feeling like i'm abroad when i'm in my own backyard. They also have two small children so it won't be as quiet as it was with my previous neighbours. At least they're not as small as i feared, so it seems like i won't be waking up to a crying baby in the middle of the night.

Last weekend i went almost deaf on one ear. Lasted until Monday so i called my doctor. Went there and it turned out to be nothing serious. Apparently i had earwax blocking it. So both my ears got squired out with a big syringe. And now i can hear again. Though one ear hurts a bit, because they put a bit too much water pressure on it. Hoping that'll go away with a few days.

Temperatures are much better now. Friday i think it was at least 32 or 33 degrees at my 'home office'. And maybe even more. After a few cooler days it's back to a better temperature. Good thing i'm fairly heat proof. Or resistant.

OVG: New mod came out for NW. I feared it would be a bad and it was even worse than i thought. They totally nerfed healer classes and healing in general into the ground. My heals heal less, pets that give extra outgoing healing are reduced to less (!) than a third of what they were before, and enchantments that people could wear to boost incoming healing are also heavily nerfed. So healing got a triple nerf in one mod.

I gave my healer one shot and it was so terrible that i'm retiring him until they fix healing. Healers were already in short supply before this mod and i think a lot of healers are gonna do the same as me. And it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of people would totally quit the game over this. So i really hope they see the error of their ways soon or it will be too late for a lot of the community, maybe myself included. I have my doubts they will change it soon though as they made the changes intentionally as they felt healing was over powered. My guess is they only played with healers that have the best of the best gear and play with premade teams that have played together before and know what they're doing. With an average team i don't see how you could say it was over powered.

Guess i'll try my wizard tomorrow and hope they didn't nerf her into the ground as well. Otherwise i'm running low on options. My paladin (healer) and wizard are my mains. And i have 2 more that are on the way, but they're not nearly as good yet and one of them is a healer as well. So if my wizard falls through i only have a rogue that needs a lot of work. Not to mention you won't be able to do epic dungeons or trials any more as there's gonna be no healer left to run those with. My prediction is that any healer that is not top of the line is gonna stop running those because otherwise you can't heal enough. Plus that any dps or tank that's not top of the line is also gonna get kicked otherwise it'll give even the top notch healer more then they can handle. Not to mention they also introduced a bug that takes a massive chunk out of the tank's hp (think along the lines of 30%). But at least that's a bug and not a feature.

Oh and apparently there's also new content, but i didn't get to that yet. Partially because of this and partially because i had massive lag and disconnected 4 times during one dungeon, and the 5th time resulting in me not even getting back into it so it was all for nothing.
Apr 24, 2020
RL: Tired. Have to move in 2 weeks and I don't even have a working toilet, let alone a shower. No rooms are finished, my wife and kids basically don't understand to clean a room so we can move stuff you know. Good things are windows are in. Spray foam has started, and we finished the spiral staircase 95% tonight (end railing, but have to figure out connection so no big deal.) Bad news is I didn't get to the framing of the one wall I need by tomorrow morning or check all the windows for blockages to make sure spray foam doesn't go in bad places. I also need to do 3 support post tomorrow just for show, make a railing, and somehow manage to work 8 hours at the actual job.

Electrical guy I had just up and left without getting paid for no reason it seems last week, really put me in a bind because I don't have time for electrical wiring with plumbing, floors, walls, etc to still do.

D2: No time.
OVG: No Time.
RL: No time.