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Mar 12, 2020
Originally posted by Kitteh

Welcome to The Daily Thread!

Grab a seat and tell us about your day, as it is going to happen or how it did happen, whatever the day and whatever the timezone :)

The idea and the name are temporary, so give a yay or nay on the concept and leave any suggestions for a better name :p

RL: Uni. I feel like utter crap today, I really hope that they find the issue with the next lot of tests (9/11/16) as it is really messing my life around. On the plus side, my Dad, his wife and my little brother/sister twins are coming up in October, so I'm going to take them to the science centre for the day. I also bought them a hamper of retro British sweets :D Also, I'm going to be doing labs and group tutoring sessions with first/second year students, which (I want to go into academia) is both awesome and nerve-wracking. I only just finished second year myself!

D2: I'm hoping to do some today, but I'm not sure.

OVG: Ha.
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Good stuff!

RL: In the process of buying our first house with my wife. Going well and I think we got a great deal that we will love! A lot of administrative stuff to do in this process though, definitely feels a bit overwhelming.

D2: continuing a frustrating cow rfl set. Will be getting sorc ready for round 2 next and mixing in some pitzerker runs too.

OVG: there are games besides D2?
@Luhkoh: Sweet! Nothing like having a home where nobody cares if the parquet gets scratches or the kids paint the walls with their crayons (y) Hope everything goes well with the administrative stuff!

- Migrating tournament posts. Please, people, stop quoting so much. It is a PITA if you want to move posts to a new forum :ROFLMAO:
- Building Lego with my younger one (Step 1: Get my castle legos, step 2: "But daddy, I don't like toys for boys", step 3: "Daddy, toys for boys are so great!!!!")
- Still having a sore throat and a cough. No fever though. Guess I have to stay away from the grandparents though.
- cooking and doing the laundry

D2: Maybe some Ability Scroll Tournament later. If I am not too tired from staring at the screen until then.

OVG: MTGA. Still 80% win rate in best of 3 Theros Draft :cool:
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RL: Migrating Mat/Pat threads. I feel your pain @Grisu. I like things to look neat and right now the big offenders are the 'highlight' tag and replacing censored 88s (trying to not let my eyes get glazed over searching for them in item readouts).

My workplace (warehouse) just let us know that if an employee has a confirmed case of COVID-19 that we will only be shutting down for 2 days instead of the original 2 weeks for cleanup crew to come through. Most of us think this is stupid (myself included) since it means zero prevention of allowing other possibly infected employees from running through their incubation period from home.

D2: Started my future 99er LF Amazon. Will be playing her when I need a break from migrating threads. Decided against HC when I remembered how many deaths her previous incarnation suffered.

OVG: I put Minecraft and Morrowind on hold for now.
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RL: I'm still extremely irritated by the new 'preventative measures'. They're idiotic. Whatever. *screams inside*

D2: Leveling a Trapsin. Every time I play an Assassin I'm really impressed as to how strong and safe they actually are. If anyone ever asks me which is the strongest D2 character that would probably be my pick. Like for sheer all around-ness! Great crowd control, amazing damage in pretty much any build, SM is a good distraction while questing, Mind Blast is broken good, I don't even have to use Cloak of Shadows. And on top of that they're so much fun!
Question to self: Why don't you play more assassins, jeez, what's wrong with you?!

OVG: I will *probably* be playing a bit of FIFA next week... Maybe.
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RL: Finally teleworking starting tomorrow. Unfortunately currently kind of ill with muscle spasms in chest.

D2: Nope

OVG: The Genesect event in Pokémon Go was amazing. Got my Genesect and my Durant as well as a ton of shinies for my account. In Torchlight II the Outlander is in act ii and lvl 70 (new game +) Lots of Magicfinding to do.
RL: Took car to get two new front tyres cos they low. Dude said you a key worker i said i look after my mother/gran which is semi true and also said go look tyres. He come back yeah we'll do them a tad low. Also rang boss to see what rules we on as i've been home a week self isolating. Back in tomorrow then alternate weeks from next week so i get next week off.

D2: Yep for a bit, in act 3 with my new Nena as per my gameplay thread. Prob not too long as on the LOTR return of the king as it passes the time well when stuck at home.

OVG: Yes will fire up Civ 6 later no doubt
RL: Home office day 2. I don't think I could do more than a week without losing it. If everything worked as it should I would probably be fine with it for a bit more but everything is soooooooo slow. I hate VPNs.

D2: Guardians have been coming along nicely. Now I need to figure out how to run Baal safely.

OVG: Nah.
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RL: My city of Austin, TX, is mandated as shelter-in-place for all non-essential workers until mid-April. Since I'm currently in the healthcare field, I'm essential and therefore working. The building's shut down and most folks are working from home, but my newly formed team is still in office since they don't have the hardware to fully outfit us noobs and they're afraid of granting us access / VPNs on our home computers for fear of HIPPA violations. We were supposed to have a full launch of new services about two weeks ago that would have made us extremely busy, but the current world crisis put a halt on our timetable. Now I'm doing about an hour's worth of work per eight-hour shift. Slooooooooow. Still, gotta be thankful for a steady paycheck.

D2: Nah.

OVG: D3 season 20 is rolling along with fellow SPFer John Remedy. Tried out the new Frenzy barb & Hydra wiz sets; I'm underwhelmed with both. Rolled up a third character, a Tempest Rush monk using the set added last season, and I love it to pieces. Merely grinding for mats & lucky drops for minimal stat increases at this point so my enthusiasm is waning a bit. Had a game in mind to load up when I got home today, but I've forgotten what it was. Thanks, stupidly large Steam library...
RL: Not great at the moment. I'm struggling a lot with the MH side of life and struggling to get work done, which is problematic.

D2: I would really like to get an untwinked 99er going, but see below... I really think I need to come back to D2 right now.

OVG: I've been playing PoE this league and it has taken over my life in a bad way. This always happens with any video game other than D2. I think because I'm struggling IRL I've been burying myself in that world instead and it just makes it worse and today I realised how badly I'm eating, how little I'm sleeping and that I'm not even taking advantage of my allotted once per day outdoor exercise.
I hope you feel better Kitteh.

RL: I was coming to the end of three week's vacation before the UK went on lockdown. Lucky for me I enjoy my own company (these days at least). Chores around the house, catching up on pro-wrestling and even finding some time to work out (back pain permitting). I'm lucky that I have no children or dependents and my time is my own. Next week marks three years sober.

D2: Sadly no. I really should try and capitalise on the luck that gave me eth Mang Song's.

OVG: Some D3 with Trim. I tried the new Barbarian and Witch Doctor sets. I greatly prefer the WD set but eventually the 'new season shine' wears off and it becomes the dull power creep absolutely showered with legendary items. I played Wolfenstein: The New Order for the first time. My lord is that a damn good game. It's been a while since the plot of an FPS grabbed me like that. I have an invite to the closed beta of Minecraft: Dungeons. It's pretty basic so far but is very responsive and has a lot of charm. Despite limited equipment and enchanting, there does seem to be potential for a few varied builds, and intended cross-platform play means I can play with my console friends.
RL: Had to go to the soon to be new home for me and my girlfriend. Its currently undergoing a huge renovation so I had to lay the cables for tv/internet. On my way back I think I got caught speeding by those new mobile cameras. I was going about 100km/h in a 60km/h zone. If I was over 110km/h which is not impossible I'm facing a huge fine and 3 months without a license. I saw like 5 cars on the road in a whole day of driving not like I'm threatening anyone. Why would they feel the need to regulate the speed now?! Anyway, I'm really irritated atm. Not because I was speeding, I pretty much always am. The road signs here haven't changed since 1980s when there were virtually only shit cars on Bulgarian roads. It's an easily 90km/h zone there if we were you know - a normal country. And if we were one - the policeman surely have something better to do then rob the few drivers on the road. Oh well. It's my fault anyway so I have to face the consequences but this doesn't make me feel any better.

D2: Maybe some AT runs later.

OVG: FIFA. The lack of games on the TV makes me wanna play some. :D
RL : The start of the long Easter holidays. The kids are at their mother’s. I’m in confinement at home, all alone, with nothing planned at all...

Dis gon b good !! :cool:

Seriously, looking forward to take it easy, since my job has been a bit of a pain in the $@&! lately. So, running, lifting weights, sleeping late and...

D2 : no surprise here. I’m gonna be running my frst set of the RFL round 2, trying to get better at Trav running. My hope is to have at least one mediocre set, not only a plain awful one like in round 1. And make baby steps towards my first Infinity. Let’s go !

OVG : Nah.

Have a good Easter holidays, y’all !!
RL: I haven't really left my apartment in a month, due to the severity of the pandemic here (Queens, NY). In a weird sense, it's not unlike being a teenager again - lots of sitting at home, staying up late, and playing D2.

D2: Took a break from 1.09 Meph runs to start gathering Classic items. I don't have a surefire way to quickly raise gold yet, but hopefully I'll find something soon.

OVG: Revisiting a lot of Super Nintendo games that I haven't touched in ~decades. Currently about halfway through FF6 - even a 25-30 hour game just flies by when you have nothing better to do after work-from-home :cool:
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RL: It was quite the eventful day. Not all good but definitely not boring. As I was heading to the parking lot near my office a saw a couple of police cars outside. Parked, started walking there. Apparently the night shift security had passed away. Bummer. Nice guy. After that I got a call from a friend of mine to tell inform me of my sentence... Grhhm... Speeding ticket situation. (See, in Bulgaria nothing the government does really works properly... or at all actually... So I had to call my best buddy who has a friend in the Traffic Police department to check how much was my ticket and how much over the limit I was. Otherwise it would have taken months, maybe years to find out). So... ~300 euro and no points off my licence, which is nice. 114kph in a 60kph zone, I guess that's well deserved. And, btw, while it doesn't sound like much the economy here is really weird (read: shit), so it's actually not pocket change like it would be in a... you now... nicely developed country.

D2: I was just about to start running the RFL while I discovered that after I setup 1.07 yesterday and played for a bit (took me like 2 hours, stupid old patch stuff not working properly) my 1.13 had broke. It wouldn't start at all. Stupid BVS. I'll definitely use 2 computers (or a virtual machine) to Time Travel when I get a new PC at some point in the coming months. Anyway. I have everything backed up like 15 times so I got it going again pretty quickly. Off to find me some Bers.

OVG: I might play my GameBoy a bit. I had forgotten how much Contra is! :D
RL: teleworking week two has concluded. Absolutely nothing of value gained. Rained all week here in SOCAL as well.

D2: Nope.

OVG: The Pokémon Go Easter event is so fun. hatched three shiny Riolu, two shiny togepi, and a shiny Happiny!. Now looking for shiny exeggcute, shiny Pikachu flower hat, and shiny buneary. Also took up Wizards Unite again and there is an event ongoing that side as well.
RL: Still unemployed. Getting a new job already proved harder than expected. And with the current state of the country/world it's become that much harder to even find a vacancy. So i expect it won't change for some time longer.

With the weather being great for almost a week now i've been doing some gardening. With weeds growing all throughout winter and spring it looked like there wasn't even anyone living at my place any more. So in order for authorities to not break down my door to look for a body i've been trying to get my garden to look more presentable. Starting to look better, but it takes quite a bit of time and effort. Also unfortunately it seems like some plants are already in need of extra water. Which does not bode well after the very dry summer we had last year and this summer not even being started.

OVG: Been playing Neverwinter online religiously. Like D2 religiously. It's a game with a massive grind (or you need a massive wallet) so it's keeping me nice and busy. Also joined a small guild. Since i've completed a couple of campaigns a few weeks ago i started to have a little more time so i picked up the recruitement business. Which now made me unofficially both the (main) recruiter and second in command of the guild. Recruitment is paying off. Since i've started doing that like 2 weeks ago we about doubled in size (from about 20 to 40ish). Being bigger also makes it easier to keep people aboard so hopefully we can keep growing.
RL: went out with my friend for some drinks yesterday. Had a really good time, has been a long time since I went out with just my friends and had girl's talk. I am however not that used to drinking, meaning 4 glasses of wine made me really hung over today... Tomorrow I will see if I can get my lawn mower to start. First time after winter!

D2: see above. Don't play HC when you are tired and hung over. Lost my newly started HC paladin to Normal Radament. It was the zealing that locked me in and the potions didn't kick in fast enough. His deeds of valor will be remembered.
RL: Started working from home a week or so ago. Due to the extremely low work volume, it weirdly feels like the 11 months of unemployment I endured before I got this job (I feel your pain, @Cyrax) -- sitting in front of my computer all day doing very little. Except in this case my company has monitoring software, so unlike my unemployment days I can't do anything that helps me waste time. No youtube, twitch, netflix, no idle games running in the background to check in on. I'm very bored. Good thing I got used to the feeling all of last year.

D2: Actually, yeah! John Remedy and I had gotten back into Rocket League for a week when we hit a sudden wall and couldn't put anything together after an hour long play session. As a fallback hangout game, we jumped into D2, he helped rush my Blizsorc to the end of Hell, and we did some Throne runs (found a couple high-ish runes on the way; he showed 'em off in the IFT earlier). Since then, we've gotten together a couple times and done it some more, netting a Lo in the process. Here's how out of D2 practice I am -- JR popped a rando sarcophagus, the Lo jumped out, and I ran off a few moments later thinking nothing of it. He had to call to my attention how high a rune it was before I had any reaction whatsoever. I'm also running AT solo for a while every other day. Maps keep getting reset due to MP sessions, so it's fun rolling up new ones. My most recent map has the AT trap door on screen as soon as I use the Dry Hills WP. Even went so far as to download and log my meager stashes on a Medieval Mart grail sheet, so if I'm getting that serious I might be playing D2 for a good while yet. Saw my first golden Scourge last night!! ...and of course, it was just a Horizon's. But I definitely felt the excitement I used to back in my old grailing days. My hopes are to get a Trav Whirler going eventually, but that's a ways off since I'm still so loot poor. Also trying to think up an acceptable WSK/Baal running build that'd compliment JR's MFing Windy for MP so I can stop burning my AT maps, though nothing personally enjoyable has come to mind just yet.

OVG: Not much. Since I can't game on my home PC during work hours, I installed one of my favorite idle games, Clickpocalypse II, on my phone. What a gem of a game. But I've always played it on my PC, and I'm realizing how much I hate staring at a tiny screen all day. Might abandon it as quickly as I picked it back up. Played a bit of Mad Max (2015) for a couple days, another beloved game I've played through multiple times. But then the D2 bug hit and it's been shelved.
RL: Still furloughed due to UK lockdown.

D2: Spent the afternoon farming Hell Countess for mid-runes - Lem was my highest get. Then I started running Hell Cows as Trim and I have barely any top-tier bases between us, and found a Lo (the second one in a week after the one mentioned in Trim's post above).

OVG: Nope.
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