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Jun 22, 2003
OT - really OT

Is there a tool that allows you to read Japanese websites in english? Some sort of translator or something? Thanks in advance.
There are many translators on the net, some want you to pay while others dont and I have no idea if any are totally accurate but I have had to use them once or twice going from French to English. Try a search and see what you stumble accross.

Not sure, but when I do the windows updat ething down toward the bottem there are a bunch of language deals........maybe that is what those are??? Hell I dont know!
if you search in google it often gives you the option to translate the particular site...its entertaining if nothing else...i am not sure the free translators work when yoou cannot type in the japanese characters...the windows update stuff is for word I thought but maybe not
I have a hobby of collecting samuari swords. Some of the Japanese auction sites like this one have some pretty nice stuff on it. But I sure wish I could read it!
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