OT: Poor Milamber!

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Aug 27, 2004
OT: Poor Milamber!

I see he was banned? Methinks its a prank, but I offer my condolences to the recently deceased :scratch:

Here is a fat drink :drink: until they let you back in!
I'm not sure why Milamber is now "banned," but posting a thread for condolences is not the proper method for questioning a banning, serious or not.

Please PM Kremtok for that information.

DougTheHead2 said:
I see he was banned? Methinks its a prank, but I offer my condolences to the recently deceased :scratch:

Here is a fat drink :drink: until they let you back in!

He will survive .

Let us enjoy the peace for a day!!! :lol:
Yea, I hadn't read the entirety of the other thread, but when I saw his name banned, I went and searched his most recent posts and there was nothing.

So, figuring a joke was afoot, I wanted to get in on it and make this topic so we can all point our fingers at the banned jooB and post :drink: emoticons!

:drink: :drink: Sloppy drunk for a spam free 24 hours, huzzah!
sam_manzanza said:
Krem rocks :D

yes both the mods have gone even higher in my books recently.
krem for this
and AE for using the word ''sux'' in his PM to doug

*sacrifices a small goat to appease the mods*
Since Mil cannot defend himself, what about using the thread to create rumors and fake stories? Then tomorrow, just before he returns, it gets locked!

Hehe I am mean!

I guess he can't come here anyway, since he is so busy working on his wedding! :lol:
milamber was once arrested for dressing like a magician and trying to summon a demon in the streets of his hometown. when asked why he did it, he baffled authorities by blaming "Durf."

that's not a rumor. :D
i saw some pics and a video of that, screaming FIREBOLT FIREBOLT!

that was awesome :teeth:
Milamber once watched every episode of Powerpuff Girls in one massive sitting! This was done to one up his previous best of watching every Schwarzenegger movie, split into two days.
After finding out about Miranda and I , Mil threatened to kill himself on the forum. Thinking this might get messy and disrupt normal forum activity, Kremtok banned Mil........until after he kills himself.........then he will lift the ban.
Mil got banned so he didnt so much time here and he could complete the tasks set for him by his evil overlord Miranda.*whipped i say* so it truth Krem saved him from a flying elbow to thje crotch
In Milambers absence, I have stepped in to fill the void you all must feel at the moment....peace yes...but not completely...

I see many truths in what you guy's have said....but let me clarify a few things...

HBB: Mil does like to dress in drag and he likes for me to call him Millie but he's not going all the way with the full transformation

Darkwell: Yes, he was quite distraught wasn't he when he found out about us and what we did in the closet....however I don't think he'll kill himself, maybe chop it off

To the rest of you..I am not evil and am not his overlord...whipped maybe yes but he's happily whipped I must say...

The wedding plans are going great BTW but he's not helping much....

Also..Rizzo...if you're out there..don't ever take woman advice from Mil..he doesn't know what the hell the phone is... :lol:
great to see you again Miranda. happy to hear about the wedding.
next time ''millie'' turns up in his dress get us a few snapshots will you?
Nice stories here :D.
And about Mil - lol lol lol
It really had to look hilarious - anybody has that on tape?
Also - my condolences BanMil :flip:
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