OT: Oh dear god! run for you lives!

farting bob

Sep 16, 2003
OT: Oh dear god! run for you lives!

From a Pc magazine that was left on my desk with a item circled.
Apple Cultists might maintain that: 'My Mac's better than your PC', But can the Mac OS, For all its aqua good looks, control a type 45 Navy destroyer? NO? well the british gov't has deployed one ship and a Win2k-based command system onto some of its nuclear subs to link multi-fanctional consoles together. How safe is it?
Will Royal Navy subs need to regularly dock to download windows updates? Just because windows can control a military system, doesnt mean it should.
Windows? in contorl of a nuclear sub? Oh ****.
Isn't the internet wonderful. Not saying this is false, but I'm pretty sure it's an exageration of the truth. Rumors and urban myths are endless fun until someone gets hurt. This is definately one for the myth busters.
Kaysaar said:
*Wishes that he didn't live on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean*

Hahahaha omg, you made me laugh so hard I spewed water everywhere :grrr: .

As for Windows controlling a nuclear sub, if it's true then get ready for many...uh errors on the part of the sub. I mean crap, windows can't even run most pc's effectively 100% of the time, why the hell do they think it can run a freakin sub.
Oh god... thats definitely not good :cheesy:

I can imagine it now...

"Er... captain, there's something wrong with the missile control system"
"What is it?"
"Well, it appears to have locked up, and not even Ctrl-Alt-Delete is working"
"So now what do we do?"
"I guess the only option is to restart the compu... I mean sub"
"Thats the only option?!"
"Yes captain"
"Very well"
*missile control system operative restarts sub*
"Oh wait... I just realised something captain - isn't the nuclear core controlled by th..."



And just to inspire more fear into the hearts of us all: http://www.windowscrash.com/ :cheesy:
Just to calm down the overly sensitive and paranoid ones...Windows 2000 is just about the only windows that does actually work, provided you've installed service pack 4 and couple of the most important patches.

Just afraid that this might lead to one of them someday using XP or *gasp* ME...
But Borlag, it's so much more fun to think of it as unstable Windows :D

NSX - Eastern Canada? Where abouts in Eastern Canada?
After 4 years or more I finally "upgraded" to XP Home from Win98.2. It has been pretty much nothing but frustration since. My 2yr old CDRW isn't recognized by XP and it only lists my DVD-ROM as 10x. I've d/l nearly every patch and new driver, it still doesn't help compatibility. I would have re-installed Win98.2 months ago if I hadn't lost my disk =/. So, I'm stuck with XP as long as game manufacturers continue to ignore Linux. Not that Linux makes it any easier to code games, just saying.
I've read that British navy has signed contract to some company to develop & install Win2k based controll system on the next generation warship. And the company says Win2k "has the lowest risk".

I think I should write to PM of Australia, "Please please do not allow ANY british warships near OZ border, and buy what ever the best missle defence system while we still can. 'cos BSOD will destroy our beloved country."

BSOD will surely be the most scared death:

"Sir, we have a problem. missile control locked up, we've got BSOD.

Sir, a nuclear missile was fired by the system during reset!!!!

Sir, WE HAVE WIPED OUT Australia."
can you imagine it once us aussies have spotted the missle DM!

"Oh strewth, hey barb, the rains ain't coming"
I think Johny will say: "I told you, we should buy those missile defende system. My master Bush is always right."
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